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My Day At The Shooting Range August 18, 2011

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So yes, I ended up going with Webster.  Stop rolling your eyes and yelling at me.  It was a good thing.  I promise.  Just listen before you judge me.

So I picked him up and we head out.  Stop off for coffee for my hungover ass on the way.  The place was uber far, but no worries as we always have lots to talk about.  Well I guess that would be we HAD lots to talk about.  Kinda weird.  Still had fun and laughed and he was great at the gun range as he’d gone before and I hadn’t, so he was pretty patient with me.  I didn’t do too poorly either.  Yeah, so I couldn’t hit a vital organ to save my life, but believe me, if I am ever forced to shoot someone their appendix is going to take quite a beating.  😉

Afterwards he took me to lunch and it occurs to me that he has not really asked me any questions about myself.  Way to go self centered Webster.  No worries, I’m always uber inquisitive with no filter and very few boundaries (and as he’d already offered up earlier in the day that he had cheated on his wife….for 7 years and also about snorting $20k of coke that he basically embezzled money for, I figured the ‘boundaries’ were kinda blurred).  As I’m asking him about his ‘new special lady friend’ (yeah, that’s what he called her), he says to me ‘why do you want to know?  What is missing in your life?’  Uh, fuck off?  I looked him square in the eye and told him that was quite possibly the shittiest thing anyone had ever said to me.  Then I told him to fuck off and that he owed me an apology.  Which he did, saying he didn’t mean it the way it sounded.  Yeah, right.  I told him that I always ask questions and if he didnt want to answer or felt any were inappropriate, he could have just said that.  He, as his pompous self absorbed self says,  ‘I only ask questions about things that can actually teach me something’.  To which I explain that interpersonal things fascinate me and that possibly he could learn a thing or two from that.

Anyway, that pretty much removed any lingering thought that I might still want to kiss him.  Ever.  What a stupid putz.  Of course the conversation for the long drive back was a bit awkward.  Funny how little we had to talk about.  Quite the eye opening day.  Webster is all about Webster. 
I dropped him off, he thanked me for today, gave me a ridiculous car hug and told me to ‘keep in touch’.  Meh…….. I should have just shot him
3 side notes:

On the way out there I said something like I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have multiple women fighting over him (meaning his ex and his current) and he gets this nervous look on his face and says ‘uh, I hope you aren’t fighting’.  Idiot.  I told him not to flatter himself and that he had missed his chance. 🙂

Oh, and his ‘special lady friend’, the doctor used to be HIS doctor! Gross…….

And last but not least, the woman he had the 7 year affair with? Yeah, he only slept with her 4 times. Uhm, i’m confused. Why have a non sexual affair? Well actually, why have an affair at all……


14 Responses to “My Day At The Shooting Range”

  1. JaneDoePhx Says:

    TOOLIO! He is a TOOL!!!! Well sometimes we all need that “final nail in the coffin” to let us know, it really, really is over and we really, really are done. Now you can move on without missing him. Happy, and Free!!!

    • absolutely! he did make a point of letting me know what deep feelings he has for his ‘special lady friend’ ……….*barf* ……. such an idiot

      OH! and that he had a 7 year affair while he was married (which is technically still), but only slept with her 4 times? Uhm, wtf?

    • Yeah, with that one fucked up statement to me, he effectively showed me his true colors.

  2. I have never ever ever been so happy to read anything in my life. So glad you see what we see……

  3. Serena Says:

    GG, I am really happy to read this news.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Dear Webster,
    Pompous ‘noun’ = You.

  5. Surrey gal Says:

    Geez!!! Not only is he stupid, he’s also an impotent 😀 😀 (or low sex drive or whatever word would be best here).
    What he said (Why do you want to know) is pretty typical of men, my ex husband says it every time I ask him anything about his hoho, but “what’s missing in your life” is plain stupid, inconsiderate, and rude. Jerk.

    • yeah, I’m still kind of in shock that ANYONE (much less a recovering druggie/alcoholic/unemployed & living with his parents) would say that to me …. or to anyone. Unbelievable that I didn’t see any of this before ……..

  6. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    Wow and ewwww…..Reading this actually pissed ME off. What an ass. I am actually glad you had this experience. I hope seeing this shitty side of him helps you with your closure.

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