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Weekly Re-Cap August 19, 2011

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Well now, let’s get down to the heart of this blog, shall we?  As I recall, it used to be a dating blog.  Before it morphed into an annoyingly neurotic shitfest thanks to idiot-boy.  The truth of the matter is that I don’t have much in the works.  I could have, but I have been less than enthused by my options.  Which are as follows:

Pervy Creepy Guy from Sunday: darn the luck, apparently once he figured out I wasn’t going to sleep with him (most likely thanks to my recoiling in disgust when he tried to dazzle me with his rigor mortis tongue), he never resurfaced.  Darn.  Not.

Shiney Forehead: was supposed to meet on Tuesday, however he opted to ‘postpone’ our meeting.  As I don’t think he’s really serious about this dating thing, I have not suggested an alternate date.

Boring Old Attorney: called me on Sunday.  Sent him to voicemail.  Texted him on Monday lying apologizing for missing his call and letting him know I was off to celebrate my b-day.  He responded with a ‘happy birthday’.  To which I didn’t respond nor have I tried to contact him.  As apparently he doesn’t do anything without pre-scheduling, I haven’t heard from him either.

Dumbass Jokester:  some random guy from Plenty of Freaks who thinks it’s fun to send me one line, ridiculous messages about nothing.  His last annoying message rambled on about the hot date he wanted to take me on to Taco Bell and then asked me what I was doing on POF.  To which I responded ‘ I needed more fodder for my blog’.  Thinking that’s the end of him. 🙂

Nothing ever became of the cute, funny matches that match sent to me.  None of them even looked at my profile, so instead of wondering if they found me utterly repulsive, I am opting to believe that they are no longer active members.  Therefore I will not be meeting their active members anytime soon.  ;-p


4 Responses to “Weekly Re-Cap”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I think every week you should do a recap like this. Much like network television.

    “Last week on ’43 and Single’, _______ shot her date in the liver.”

  2. JaneDoePhx Says:

    Scintillating options, all. I say we open our own “Millionaire’s Club” a la Patty Stanger only for “middle class, average looking people” and maybe we can harvest the best of the best from THAT lot.

    • hahaha “scintillating’ (love that word), huh? Did you doze off while reading about them. jealous? nah, didn’t think so ……..

      uhm, who said I was willing to settle for average looking? 😉

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