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Saturday Schmaterday August 20, 2011

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I have to work today.  A 1 year old’s birthday party.  Really?  Wouldn’t you just think folks would slap out some cake and ice cream for all the 1 year old guests?  Meh, I guess it’s all about the parents showing up the other parents.  What do I care?  I get paid.  If I get thrown up on or hit with a piece of flying whatever, I’m gonna be pissed though.  Maybe I should have added a dry cleaning clause into my contract.  Oh, that’s right, I don’t work with contracts.  I believe that everyone in the world is forthright and honest and would never take advantage of my good nature.  While this might make me a fairly naive good person, it doesn’t translate well to business ventures.  As is presently being proven by the gentleman that hasn’t paid rent, yet refuses to move out of the house that I own as he says ‘he doesn’t have to’.  Uhm, what?  Some people’s minds work in mysterious ways.

I do know that I absolutely LOVED only having one job last week.  Well, to be more precise, not having to work either job, but really not having to work job #2 was a really really really nice thing.  This ‘temporary’ job that I took originally for 3 months, has lasted almost 3 years.  While I am absolutely fortunate to have it, complete with amazing benefits and a somewhat flexible schedule, as I dislike it so much, I need to figure out if it’s really worth it.  I will always lean towards doing the responsible thing (remember my post on doing what I ‘wanted’ instead of what I ‘should’ from last week?  yeah, that was an anomaly) but there’s going to be a time when I need to figure this shit out.  Today’s not the day though.

I haven’t done much online as far as dating goes as I’m just a bit blech about it all right now.  Again.  Or is it still?  Hell, I can’t keep my ever changing moods regarding this particular social experiment straight.  So out of all my stupid stellar online suitors, the only one left is the 5’7″ guy and I’m not sure why he keeps writing to me.  There was a fairly attractive guy that contacted me, but after a couple of messages, he wanted to switch to IM and when I told him I don’t do IM, he disappeared.  Further supporting my thoughts on that particular mode of communication.  Did he want to talk dirty?  Did he want to send me icky pictures?  Was it just a prelude to asking me if I have a webcam?  Gross.

So here is my ‘list’ of shit to do/figure out for this week:  drive 2 hours to evict stupid tenant, work a luncheon for 40, work a breakfast for 150, try to get my house in order, try to get my life in order (ha), somehow find time to complete job #2 (which I honestly don’t see actually happening unless I just forgo sleep), take doggies to the vet, DON’T look at 401K or mutual fund balances, pull my head out of my ass and meet friends for happy hour on Monday and Wednesday.  Damn my life is boring. 

Eh, the good news about my job today (aside from the fact that they are paying me) is that I should be done by 7pm.  Just in time to get back home and start drinking!  Yey me!  Oh wait ……….


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