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To Do List: Monday Hand Cramp August 20, 2011

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As I’ve got a bit of time left before I need to leave for work and we all know that my attitude lately needs a major overhaul regarding this dating thing, I have decided to pose a little challenge to myself.  No, not in the ‘improve yourself’ sense, as hell, that just sounds boring.  Here is my dating challenge, posed to myself.  Every Monday for the next forseeable future (or until I opt to change the rules or get bored with it), I will send out 5 messages to guys that I would like to meet on one of my multitude of dating websites.  Of course the criteria for contacting them will be according to my usual shallow standards, but eh, whatever.  I will contact 5 potential douchebags men, each Monday.  It can not be a lame ‘wink’ or a ‘nudge’ or my ever beloved one line ‘nice smile’.  It will be a ‘real’ message in the attempt to strike up a conversation an eventual date, the inevitable proposal, engagement, nuptials, white picket fence and all that jazz.

I work well under deadlines and with clear assignments.  5 messages a week can’t be all that hard, right?  I think the bigger challenge might be to be able to find 5 men that I care to message, that I haven’t seen before, that haven’t written me before, that I haven’t written before, that don’t repulse me, that don’t use improper grammar and that don’t sound like total tools.  Oh wait, that sounded negative, huh?

So what’s the point of all this you ask?  No, I don’t much care that you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  For one thing, most Monday evenings are boring anyway (except for this one as I have plans for happy hour which should actually make my assignment a little easier with the vision blurring effects of some yummy half priced cocktails).  For another, I want to see if I really do put in some concerted effort (not that I haven’t in the past, but it’s just been a bit more sporadic) with a set ‘schedule’ (ain’t love grand?) if the results will be any different (i’m guessing no, but whatever).  So I will message 5 new guys every Monday, on either Match or OkStupid or (if I am totally desperate) Plenty of Idiots with the objective being to have at least one date set up by the following weekend. 

No clue what my odds will be in this quest.  If any of the guys will even respond (because as we all know, the ones I like don’t like me, but their grandfather’s sure seem to) or what will pan out, but you can’t win if you don’t play, right?

Game on!


5 Responses to “To Do List: Monday Hand Cramp”

  1. Sounds like you’ve set yourself a very interesting challenge.

    How about upping the ante.

    You passed on that info from match.com about dissonance and their discovery that the people we really like aren’t always the people we ‘want’. Why not make one (or two) of those five messages to someone who strikes a chord with you in some way but otherwise manifestly fails to meet your dating criteria? Perhaps some a few inches too short, someone in a town a bit too far away, something that would ordinarily make you pass them by even though they have some appeal to you. It might be interesting to hear how you fare with these ‘mismatches’ compared with your ‘matches’… 🙂

    • Uhm, no. I don’t adhere to ‘strict’ guidelines as it is, however I absolutely refuse to lower my standards any more than I already have. 😉

      are you really suggesting I go out with someone who’s 5’7″ SD? That is NEVER going to happen.

  2. Hello! I am mortified and honored at the same time to find myself on your blogroll. Mortified, cause I didn’t know I was on there until just now and honored, well… cause I’m on there! Thanks! I fully intended to get busy reading your blog, and in the meantime I wish you all the best in your internet dating pursuits. I personally enjoyed internet dating very much (for the most part) and met my husband 12 years ago on match.com. Back then in the olden days hardly anyone had pictures of themselves and if they did they were super cheesy!
    PS – would I ever have know you by a different blog?

    • Haha, no need to be mortified (unless it has to do with being on my lame blog’s blogroll). As your punishment, if you read back in the recent past, all you’ll see is me whining about some guy who didn’t deserve the attention for the past month. 😉

      Not sure how I originally found your blog, but it was back when I started mine (when I used to be funny and lighthearted). 🙂

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