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Words To Live By August 20, 2011

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Not my words, mind you, but something that I we all should take to heart.  Especially those of us that are currently wading through the dregs of society multitude of bachelors while online dating.  ‘He’s not so bad’ or ‘he’ll do’ or ‘he’s just okay’ isn’t good enough.  We all need to realize that we deserve better than that.
Leo Aug 20 2011 After a long wait or building frustration, you are just about to take something you see as second-best. You still want what you have wanted for some time, but the monotony of waiting and worrying and striving to get it has worn you down. You are now looking at alternatives as being not all that bad, but who are you kidding, Leo? You are the one-and-only regal and powerful king of the jungle. Second best will never do. If you accept less than you want and deserve, you might have a brief sense of relief, but it won’t last. Hold out for what you really want. — 


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