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2 Winks Don’t Equal A Right August 22, 2011

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So along with my 5 ‘assigned’ messages that I sent out via Match yesterday, I also sent out a lame wink.  Just one, but we all know how I feel about winking.  If you can’t muster up the enthusiasm to send an actual message, then why bother really.  Well, that’s exactly what I did yesterday.  I came across the profile of a guy that looked fairly decent (oh how my standards have changed).  I read his profile and it was nice.  I could not, for the life of me though, pick anything that I could joke around with him about (as that was my preferred theme for yesterday), so I sent a lame wink instead.  Alright, one would think that if I can’t find anything interesting in his entire profile to touch on, that we probably won’t have much in common anyway.  Probably an accurate assumption.  I figured he would get my wink, read Click’s my profile and then surprise me with a witty and highly entertaining response.  He didn’t.  He winked back.  Loser ……..

In other news, I do believe that my correspondence with guy the who only talks about shooting competitions has run it’s course.  He explained to me, in painful great detail everything I never ever wanted to know about shooting.  And shooting competitions.  And the format of said competitions.  And his preferred targets.  And his prefered guns.  And he used a hell of a lot of ‘shooting lingo’ that went straight over my head.  While I certainly learned a lot and he does have a great smile to go with his tall blondeness, I don’t think we’ll be creating any toe-headed NRA babies anytime soon.

Mr. Fanny Pack seems a bit smitten.  Which is always a red flag for me (yup, that’s how my screwy mind works).  I realize I’m terrific and all, but really?  I can’t be all that funny.  And all that witty.  And all that intelligent or interesting.  And all that amazing to look at.  Eh, maybe I am to guys who wear tennis shoes and fanny packs as they trek thru Uruguay (not my #1 vacation pick, by the way).  He did send me a good morning text.  And e-mail.  Letting me know how much he enjoyed ‘chatting’ with me yesterday and that he’s looking forward to meeting on Saturday………. we’ll see if it even gets to that point. 😉


8 Responses to “2 Winks Don’t Equal A Right”

  1. Bushlings Says:

    Oh my goodness! Fanny pack. Really?! You HAVE to meet him! lol

    • Yeah, I know 😦 I am hoping he doesn’t walk around town like that and it’s just used for internation travel (which doesn’t make it any less wrong) ;-).

      If he shows up to our date wearing one, I’m out! 🙂

  2. JaneDoePhx Says:

    Fanny pack has two cats. I know this because the picture you described is a guy they always say is a match of mine on POF. However, anyone with 2% body fat Can NOT POSSIBLY be a match of mine, me being your cute but chunky 40-ish gal. I was intimidated by the two cats more so than the fanny pack OR the 2% body fat though. I just can’t pretend to like them. I have two dogs and LOVE them but cats…not my bag. I remember the “I am tall in Uruguay” comment from his profile. He seems smart and THAT, GG, is why he likes you!! He obviously has great taste. KEEP US POSTED!!!!!!

    • Thanks for almost making me almost fall off chair with your exact knowledge of Mr Fanny Pack! Too funny! Yeah, not a big fan of cats but hopefully i’ll get to meet his perfect abs before I have to meet the cats. Eh, as it’s a rarity for anyone to last past date #1 anyway, not too worried. 😉

      I wish there was a better pic of his face though. I’ll take a cute face over a hot body any day of the week….

  3. Maybe it’s an old picture that goes back to a time when fanny packs were still acceptable. One could hope…… I’m such a jerk that I would have emailed him and said “Seriously dude, a fanny pack?” Since I took down my pof after the attack of the most boring man ever, I can not go looking for said fanny pack man.

    • Okay, so I had to go back and look at the picture again and it may not actually be a fanny pack. It may be a camera case that he has hooked to his belt. Nonetheless it’s just plain dorky ………….

  4. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    Yay for morning texts and emails! So far, he sounds somewhat promising GG!!

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