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Nervous Nellies and Wastes of Time August 24, 2011

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Wow, that sort of sums up online dating for the most part. 😉  I’m loving that I have dates/meetings/interviews/whatever set up with 4, that’s right, FOUR guys in the next week.  We’ll skip over Red Onesie & Fanny Pack and go straight to Gun Range Guy.  The guy who took 4 days to actually read my profile and inform me that he didn’t think we’d be a ‘match’ but that he would be willing to hang out with me.  Yeah, whatever, I’ve got plenty of friends dumbass.  Anyway, the second I ignored  him, he changed his tune.  Kept pushing to meet, sent me his phone number, his e-mail address, practically sent me the keys to his house.  And I ignored them all.  The millisecond that I agree to meet up with him next week, he changes his tune again and prefaces it all with ‘well I really think we should talk on the phone first to make sure we don’t hate each other before rushing into a face to face meeting’.  Really?  He’s already informed me that we can be pals.  I’m okay with that (as douchey as it is).  As I can pretty much talk to a mannequin for an hour and am rarely, if ever, at a loss for words, I think it’s funny that someone would be so trepidatious about meeting in person.  It’s not like we’re meeting in a dark alley in a deserted part of town for heaven’s sake!  Such a nervous nellie he is.  And apparently likes to feel as if he’s in charge and sets all the ground rules.  HA!  Little does he know.

Now Sunday dinner guy is the polar opposite of this.  We know basically nothing about each other.  Our correspondence has pretty much consisted of ‘would you like to go to dinner’, ‘sure’, ‘how about Sunday at 5:30’, ‘see you there’.  Period.  This one should be either really good or really bad (I never seem to have ‘middle ground’ dates ~ probably my own doing).  We’re meeting at 5:30 at a Mexican restaurant near my house.  Yey for margaritas on a school night!

As for the waste of time portion of this update.  Anyone remember Hottie Personal Trainer?  Yeah, me either. 😉 Well he disappeared, for the 2nd time, about a month ago I would guess.  Always ‘almost’ makes plans and then falls of the face of the earth only to reappear and do the whole thing over again.  Out of the blue, on my birthday last Monday, he text messaged me.  And we exchanged a few texts back and forth.  Until he opted out of responding to my last one that afternoon and once again fell off the face of the earth.  Well today, 10 days later he sends me the uber suave ‘hey, what’s up’ text.  In response I send, ‘Hi Hottie Personal Trainer, is reappearing and then disappearing multiple times your usual MO ’cause it’s kind of annoying’  (stop rolling your eyes, you KNOW this is exactly what I sent him).  He responds with a sheepish ‘I’m sorry’ and then babbles on about his sinuses and not feeling well.  Okay, whatever.  Have fun with that.  What a dumbass.

Now the date I’m MOST excited about?  Well that would be with JaneDoe who is an internet dater in my area that I am dying to meet as she’s funny and insightful and has to have been contacted by at least some of the same idiots that I have.  We are meeting for happy hour on Tuesday and I will bring my dossier on all the tools eligible bachelors that I have gone out with over the past couple of months.  🙂  Yey!  As our other in town pal seems to be MIA these days with school and a boy toy of her very own.  We would love for her to join us, but being as it’s a school night and all ……… 😉

Oh, so back to the awesome part of this whole thing (and I could be so lucky to have it ever happen again), I seem to have 4 future bad dates  guys wanting to meet me.  As I’m not bowled over by any one of them (but have actually spoken to 2 of them – odd for me), I am neither obsessing, nor texting, nor calling, nor really even thinking about any of them.  See?  I like me this way.  Watch out if I actually find that I do like just one of them and we can all see how quickly my carefree non-nuerotic demeanor flies out the window. 😉 Yey me again!  Oh wait ……….


12 Responses to “Nervous Nellies and Wastes of Time”

  1. JaneDoePhx Says:

    I can’t wait either!!!! You will be the only date I have had in the last year that WONT make me regret being the proud owner of a vagina. Yes, I think we have to have been matched with some of the same jackasses. Now – if One is the Number has a boy toy GOOD FOR HER!!! I had no idea. Yay ONE!!!! Ok so my money is on TallDark. Still. Friends for now……but he is like, the most normal, kind person you have met in this process lately from what I have read. So…fanny pack may have a chance (CATS! COUGH COUGH!) but Im going to take the longshot and say…..TallDark is my fave for you…..if not now maybe later when he pulls his head out of his butt and realizes he DOES want a relationship. LOL. Just sayin.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Erm…..thanks? Although a nice thought, I just don’t think it’s going to work out that way. He is a great guy, but I believe we are destined to just be friends. I will use him as a measuring stick for what I want from a guy though, that’s for sure.

      And yeah, don’t have too high of hopes for fanny pack. Cats AND Dave and Busters….. oh, let’s not forget food issues and being a non drinker……..

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Hilarious! I love your blog!

  3. Did you guys even ask me?!? LOL JK, let me get back to you. Tuesdays are actually good for me. Email me some details. TGTBT would bust a nut over being called a boy toy and technically we are still ‘seeing other people’. (Careful GG you’re almost starting to sound like you approve of him, hehe.)

    For the record I have a date on Sunday. I’ll write about it later just been too busy.

  4. Can’t wait for more.
    The neurosis blogs are gonna be good. . .

  5. Matthew Says:

    I’m anxious for next weeks posts! If only I had a time machine…

  6. husbandhunter1 Says:

    Wow! I just found your blog. I feel like I’ve been reunited with my long lost sister. I can’t wait to spend my entire day reading your blog tomorrow (in between pointlessly surfing the internet dating sites).

    • LOL, glad you found me! Word to the wise, any post that contains the name ‘Webster’ over the last 2 months are ridiculously neurotic and annoying and should probably be skipped over 😉

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