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Apathy Begets Attention August 25, 2011

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Who knew?  Oh wait, I’ve always known that.  Sadly, as my genetic makeup is all about spazzing out and turning into a neurotic mess should I ever find myself in like with someone, I kinda forget.  A lot.  I envy those that are able to kinda like a guy and not have this turn them into an obsessive teenager.  I used to be like this.  Most likely due to the fact that I had many many boys to choose from and always knew that there would be a ‘backup’.  I was able to go out, have fun, occasionally (okay, more than occasionally) ride bikes and be fine if they called me.  If they didn’t call me.  If I ever saw them again and even if I didn’t.  I guess that ability has withered away and died just like the cartilage in my knees.  Damn.  I’d like them all back please! 🙂

Anyway, yesterday was a quiet day boy wise.  No calls, no texts, no e-mails (aside from my nightly text volley with TallDark).  And that was fine and dandy.  I did not contact any of my future bad dates paramours either.  What did this get me?  Aside from a great day not having to worry about ‘why he isn’t calling/texting/e-mailing/declaring his eternal devotion to me’, I just went about my business.  All of this amazing apathy earned me a ‘just thinking about you’ e-mail, a ‘give me a call, I’d love to chat’ voicemail, a ‘looking forward to meeting you’ e-mail this morning.  No,  not all from the same guy you big sillies.  Kinda nice.  Of course, I’ve ignored them all so far today. 😉  What?  NO I am not playing games, I’ve just been busy is all. 

Damn, if only I could be so well adjusted and lackadasical should I actually like any of these guys…….. but that’s just not my style 😉

Oh, and faceless overly pixelated football coach contacted me today to basically beg for a 2nd chance.  I have him pencilled in for next Thursday ……


Oh hell, Fanny Pack just messaged me that his week has been exhausting so far.  What a coincidence.  Mine has been too.  Due to work and overscheduling things and not leaving myself enough time to actually get them all done.  Why has his been so tiring?  Better sit down for this one.  Because ‘this is the 1st full week that he has switched up his workout and eating routine; he now gets up at 3:30am to work out and to eat his 1st of 8 daily meals’ (yes, he actually schedules EIGHT meals a day and in order to be able to get them all in, he has to start at 3:30.  Okay, what am I doing going out with this guy again?



9 Responses to “Apathy Begets Attention”

  1. Oooohhh… maybe that’s the perfect excuse to get out of Chucky Cheese – tell him since you’re both so knackered you should meet someplace a little less… uhm, exhausting?

  2. izziedarling Says:

    Just say “no” to 3:30 guy – really – was married to routine freak like that and all that matters is … their routine!

  3. I laugh every time I read the word ‘Fanny Pack.” Now repeat 10x fast…see what I mean! 🙂 As for all the nice messages you are receiving…just enjoy. Must feel good…regardless of the source..for now:)

    • Yeah, it’s been a while since i’ve had the chance to meet nice guys. Webster certainly never told me he was ‘just thinking of me’ ……..eh, not to worry, I’m sure they’ll all turn out to suck ….. or I won’t like them 😉

  4. The T Says:

    Sooo ummmm … might I ask…why aren’t you turning this opportunity into a dinner club where you’re getting 30 meals a month paid for along with some awesome wine? If they’re gonna take your time, you might as well entertain some food and wine… just a thought…might help you with travel expenses or catching up on credit card bills to not have to buy a meal once a day….lol…


    • Ahhhh Thomas. I never know how to take your comments. I’m assuming you’re not slamming on me thinking that I take advantage of these poor guys, because if you’ve read back, I don’t generally do dinner dates. Too awkward for someone you’re just meeting off the internet. I would also never choose an expensive date off the bat (although I am a total food and wine whore, but that doesn’t come out until later) 😉

      I don’t think I know 30 guys who’d want to take me to dinner. Or who I’d want to dine with anyway ……..

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