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OMG Karma IS a Bitch And Is Banging On My Door August 27, 2011

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Not 2 seconds after I published my last post did I get a message from Fanny Pack letting me know that tonight was off.  A message via Match, mind you, and not via text message, a ‘real’ e-mail or god forbid an actual phone call.  Wait, hang on, I’ll just copy and paste it for you:


In waiting a week to get a date with you I’ve gone on a few others with the same person and we seem to connect. I don’t think it’d be fair to either of you if I went out tonight. I’m sorry. I wish we could have connected sooner. I do wish you luck.

Fanny Pack

Being my passive aggressive self and not being able to not get the last word, I just sent him this: (feel free to revel at my immaturity level)

Hi Fanny Pack,

Wow, that was fast.  Apparently her schedule was much more flexible than mine was.  Sorry you caught me on a bad week, but am glad that you found someone that you like and was able to go out with multiple times in the last 5 days.

Would have been great to have known sooner so I could have made alternate plans, but what can you do?

Best of luck to you both.  You’ve got a great sense of humor and hopefully things will work out …..

~ Me

I am also reminded, again, that my 3 for 3 curse is alive and well.  I bragged about 3 dates in 3 days with 3 guys and so far one has ‘rescheduled’, one has cancelled, and I’m guessing I should hear from tomorrow’s guy any minute to cancel that one too.  Hahahha, I guess I’m not all that spectacular or worth waiting for…….


11 Responses to “OMG Karma IS a Bitch And Is Banging On My Door”

  1. kayakgirl104 Says:

    Freaking priceless. Nothing I love more than passive-aggressive. Nicely done.

  2. Just think of it this way, you didn’t think you’d really like him anyway. Anyone that hyper regimented was bound to be a doucher anyway, be glad someone else is stuck with him.

    • Why yes, I’m sure he would have proven to be a douche, however it is a sad, sad day when big ole’ dorks start turning me down for dates 😉

      I can’t get over the ‘several times’ in 5 days. Holy shit, is she unemployed? And desperate?

  3. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    Crappy GG! Well, sounds like he is a bit clingy anyways. Count yourself lucky.

    • Hey ODCE! I’ve been thinkin’ about you and how things are going!

      Yeah, pretty sure I wouldn’t have liked him anyway, I just don’t appreciate being cancelled on! 😉

      • Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

        I need to blog soon – I have been working like a crazy person ever since I commented on your one blog about not working. Needless to say, I eat, sleep and work lately. But manage to check in with some blogs over my morning coffee 🙂

  4. husbandhunter1 Says:

    Dick move! How dumb of him too, to single someone out so quickly. Is this his first time dating? Rookie mistake!

    • Haha, I know! He’s known her all of 4-5 days. I figure it means he got lucky on Friday night with her. And yes, he seemed like a bit of a clingy dork, so I hope they’re very happy together. Too bad he already burned this bridge for when his new ‘relationship’ goes down in flames 😡 (i’m such a bitch)

  5. everevie Says:

    Well…good grief…he could’ve at least texted. What if you hadn’t logged into Match yesterday? Loser.

    Anyhow…hope you had fun otherwise. 🙂

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