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Tools R’ Us August 29, 2011

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Well what do you know.  Fanny Pack, the guy who canceled on me Saturday?  Because he met someone who he had managed to go out with several times in a 5 day span (clingy much?) and that he had a ‘connection’ with, so he opted to cancel on me, sent me a message today.  Letting me know that he ‘chose the wrong one’ as his beloved turned out to be a flake and he wanted to know if I was still interested in going out.  Uh, right.  Am I interested in being 2nd choice/runner-up/consolation prize?  Yeah, the answer to that would be a resounding NO.

What the hell is wrong with these guys?!


In early onset senility news, I apparently made plans to meet Red Onesie tonight?  News to me.  I’ll have to look back and see, as I could swear we didn’t make any firm plans and he was going to let me know after he cancelled on me for Friday.  He just sent me a text asking if we were still on for tonight…… my expression when reading it was something like this :-O …….. so now I have to race home, shower, change, adjust my attitude, pick out something cute to wear (including my new favorite 4″ platform sandals) and be across town by 5:30.  Sure, it’s only 2:30 here now, but I had no clue I was meeting him tonight ………. shit.  I’m going to have to refer back to past blogs to figure this out.  Maybe I’m overscheduling myself.  Ya’ think?



9 Responses to “Tools R’ Us”

  1. its a condition I like to call “double booking”- I do this all the time. Make plans with 2 or sometimes 3 different people assuming that one will fall through and I won’t be stuck with no plans. Not gnna lie, its a little concerning that these men think they can cancel on you and then just expect you to come running when they call. Maybe don’t make yourself so available and give them something to work for 😉 you deserve a guy who will put in the time

    • Look at you with the multiple bookings! Impressive. I think this one was my bad. We did talk about meeting, but I didn’t write it down anywhere so promptly forgot. Good thing he texted or else I would have totally inadvertantly stood him up! Oh, and he had to wait, he had suggested 4 other times other than tonight (which I forgot about) and I said no (starting last tuesday) 😉

  2. everevie Says:

    Maybe you should have 2-3 outfits that are just for first dates…and you can keep interchanging them. That way you never have to think again. And we all know how much I hate thinking. It hurts my pretty lil head. 🙂

    Hope you have fun tonight! Anything’s gotta be better than last night. I still have the heebie-jeebies thinking about that dude.

  3. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    OMG! What a moron!!!! What gets me is that he thinks you have been at home pining over him. Errr!!!!

  4. Matthew Says:

    Did you send Fanny Pack a GGD Endorsed reply?

    That’s what he gets for not only jumping the gun, but burning the bridge. He sounds a bit eager to get into something and willing to go with whomever shows the most interest first.

    Poor guy.

  5. […] look at my profile, I do seem to have a long line of repeat visitors.  Yey me.  Let’s see, Fanny Pack has looked at my profile every day for a week.  Irish Guy has resurfaced to stalk my profile as […]

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