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I’m Not The Only One That Needs A Personal Assistant August 30, 2011

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So when last I checked in, I had just raced home to shower, change and rush across town to meet Red Onesie for our ‘let’s do something on Monday’ date that never got solidified.  As I was drying my hair, my phone rings and I just knew it was him.  So I answer with a less than gracious ‘so what’s your excuse today’?  I’m a peach, huh?  As we had just gotten done texting not 1/2 hour prior, the only reason he would be calling would be to cancel.  Like he did on Friday.  K, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well that makes me a ginormous moron.  He apologizes up and down but says he just got an ’emergency call’ from a client (he has his own electrical business so not entirely out of the realm of possibilities) and will ‘keep me posted’ as to what time he could meet.  I told him to forget about keeping me posted as this was now twice he’s done this and to have fun with his client.  And then I kinda sorta accidentally (not) hung up on him.  He proceeded to call me back twice apologizing up the wazoo, begging me to give him another chance and promising to ‘make it up to me’ (which always creeps me out coming from a guy I haven’t met yet).  Really, what does that even mean?  To me, it means something in a light blue box or dinner at an amazing restaurant.  To your average internet dating guy, it most likely means a foot massage, repeated orgasms or some other totally inappropriate offer (things that should be saved for a 2nd date ….. kidding!).  Anyway, he sounded really sorry and I’m an idiot, so I told him we could meet on Wednesday but that was his last chance and if he couldn’t make it, to never bother me again.

Should I have told him to just fuck off?  I don’t know.  He is kinda funny.  And kinda flakey, but hell, I’ve met worse, right?  If he’s so much as 2 minutes late on Wednesday though, I’m getting up and walking out…….


So instead of meeting the red flannel clad match.com guy, I found myself sitting at home, enjoying a purple fizzy cocktail and laughing my ass off at the Simon Pegg movie ‘Paul’ ………. rent it.  No really.  Go. 😉  Not too shabby a trade off. 

Best of all, tonight I have my hottest date of the month!  JaneDoe!  Another hottie internet dater that lives not 10 minutes from me, is in my age bracket and is funny as hell!  Oh, best yet?  She’s a drinker! yey me!


4 Responses to “I’m Not The Only One That Needs A Personal Assistant”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Owning his own business could definitely be a factor (as you stated) for the flakey, so the 3rd strike rule isn’t off-base. *Ha, two baseball coins-of-phrase in one sentence*

  2. everevie Says:

    I’d say give him at least a 5 minute window to be late on Wed. Some people (not me, of course…okay: me) are just born to be late. All the time. To everything. No matter how badly they want to be there on time. 🙂

    I’m just sayin.

    Yay Simon Pegg!

    • Yeah, Simon never let’s me down….

      Who am I kidding about leaving after 2 minutes? I’ll be in a bar! Never a reason to rush out, whether he shows or not (although I hope he does as i’d rather no pay for my own cocktail) 😉

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