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Filthy Is As Filthy Does September 2, 2011

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So of course I heard from Red Onesie yesterday (like I knew I would) via text.  He sent me this ridiculously romantic message:

How is your day going?  Are you as sexually frustrated as I am?

To which I proceeded to stare at the phone with my mouth hanging open and steam coming out of my ears.

I batted around several possible responses or maybe not even responding at all.  Ever.  Far be it from me to not get the last word in, so I send this:

‘Uhm, my day was going well before some guy I just met last night, who I’m sure I could have fun with, decided it would be okay to talk to me like I was a whore.  It isn’t.

I honestly didn’t expect to hear back from him, but as I intentionally left the dangling carrot, he responded with this:

‘Sucks to be him.  Things said in jest are not to be taken seriously.  I know him and he meant no disrespect’

Kinda cute, kinda douchey, kinda ignorant.  Maybe he’s just an idiot who has no clue that speaking like that to someone he just met is entirely inappropriate?  Maybe no one has ever put their foot down with him?  Maybe he’s just an ass.  As my grand plan was just to sleep with him anyway, I guess I don’t get to sit atop my high horse on this one.  Still, I was on the fence.  I mean really?  So I decide to send a very noncommittal:

‘Let’s hope you’re right’

Still amazed that he is fucking things up all on his own.  Duh.  He wants to sleep with me.  Not a big secret.  The big dumbass had no idea that that was my plan as well and proceeded to shoot himself in the foot.  Anyway, as I was still deciding what to do (if anything), I see that I have 2 more texts from him.  As he just might be the world’s shittiest texter, I have no clue what they even mean, but am pretty sure they are crappy petulant insults.  You decide:

‘I am abt u needing thicker skin’  (uhm????)


‘Don’t look for the worst when clearly the best is right in front of you’  (once again, uhm???? and quite Hallmarkish)

I am thinking/hoping/assuming that this concludes our tale of the Red Onesie wearing filthy talking idiot who managed to fuck up a pretty sure thing all on his own….

What a dumbass……….


18 Responses to “Filthy Is As Filthy Does”

  1. mysterycoach Says:

    Oh come now, surely you’re just being too sensitive and he’s a real catch. Cut the guy some slack, he’s just regressed to high school mentality and should be forgiven. There is nothing I find more endearing than being told how to feel when someone else’s jokes are rude and I think Hallmark fired this guy.

    No, I don’t mean that. Not even a little bit, curb this idiot.

    • Haha MC, nice use of the sarcasm! 😉 Such a total tool he is. Even if I just wanted to use him for a bike ride, I can still do better 😉

      • mysterycoach Says:

        Ya like that didja? 🙂 I thought you would… LOL If you use him as a bike ride he’ll make your life miserable. Yah you can do better. Guys like him? Cough… hairball. You’re right, you can do better.

  2. You lost me a bit Goose…are you cutting him loose? What if he comes back being all nice?

  3. JaneDoePhx Says:

    Filthy McNasty.

  4. Actually WTF! That is EXTREMELY offensive. And ok so what if he meant it as a joke? How dare he think its appropriate to speak to you like that?

    Fact: guys will treat you the way you let them treat you. if you act like a whore, thats how you will be treated. If you allow him to speak to you like one, he will. So MAJOR props for calling him out on it. hopefully he will learn his lesson and treat you with more respect.

    • and if not…good riddance!

      • there will be no 2nd chances for him; i may not have been the picture of decorum on Wednesday, but I am certain that I told him I didn’t appreciate being spoken to like some random slut ….. he claimed he was just being ‘honest’……i claimed he was just being grossly inappropriate ……. and then he did it again. Stupid tool. And you’re right, if I let him get away with it, then I’m no better than what he thinks I am …..

  5. mysterycoach Says:

    He’s just testing you to see if he can make you bend. That’s his nature and it’s only going to get worse if he thinks he can gain control. Not only that you told him and he continued to be disrespectful. And we don’t give a ratts behind what “He” thinks either… he’s a pig. Period… I know his type. They’re rude, disrespectful, say it’s YOU not them, YOU need to learn to have a sense of humor, YOU are the one with the problem, YOU are the one who is whatever (he may come up with) … This guy here? Makes my blood boil… I hate guys like him. Can you tell? 🙂

  6. everevie Says:

    This post totally supports my theory: Boys are stupid.

    • mysterycoach Says:

      LOL Well this one is. A friend of mine went out with a guy like this one. Suffices to say we never got along, he was the rudest most disrespectful S.O.B., to deal with. I asked her one day, “may I tell him off?” She said, No… *fuuuuu ….!” She married him. (double f@!#$@%) ugh… gross pig that he was. Mind you 🙂 I’ve dated a couple losers myself, no angel there. This guy though? OMG I think something is crawling on my skin…

    • here’s the stumper …. the guys has been married ……. TWICE before ……. i assume his lack of boundaries is nothing new ….. where did he find women that think being a pig is being ‘flirty’

      • mysterycoach Says:

        1. I can change him (?)
        2. OMG he’s sooo into me and he wants to have sex with me and I can ignore this behavior because … he’s only kidding and I really should develop a sense of humor because lord knows before he came along I didn’t have a single solitary brain in my head
        3. He’s hung like a horse 🙂 HAHAHA!
        4. He’s good at sex, including but not limited to 1-3 above
        5. They were much younger and didn’t realize what they were getting into.
        6. They mistook arrogance for confidence.
        7. They really did think he was kidding and it must be “them” with the problem…
        8. He’s a really good kisser and they lost their mind sexually before really seeing him for who he is?
        9. They mistook their disgusted gut reaction to him for attraction?
        10. They felt rejected and wanted to prove they were really cool by listening to him talk like Andrew Dice Clay in real life?

        To name a few? 🙂 Howz dat?

  7. mysterycoach Says:

    11. He was the last man on earth…. didn’t feel right not putting this here. 🙂

  8. […] idiot, but also a fairly decent looking fellow who clearly has commitment issues (yey me) AND from Red Onesie AND from FWB, who I haven’t heard from in over a […]

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