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Well That Was Certainly Short Lived September 4, 2011

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Yeah, let’s see, after a gung ho week of my ‘Hand Cramp Monday’ challenge, I’ve lost interest.  Again.  No big surprise there.  Sure, the response percentages were kinda impressive but in the end, they either all flaked or turned out to be disgustingly perverted tools.  Or lying garbage men.  Huh.  I could be at this very same spot right now without having put any effort into this at all.  I think I’m going to give that theory a shot this coming week (and last).  No messaging of the douchebags.  No reading profiles.  No bad dates.  I can buy my own friggin’ drinks this week.  Bitter?  Who me?  Nah.  The only thing I am bitter about is that I didn’t figure out a way to slip my phone number to the 2 very cute businessy-type men that kept looking at me on Wednesday night when I was with the walking hormone, Red Onesie.  I know you won’t find it hard to believe that I did, in fact, try to figure out a way to get it done and hoped really hard that RO would have to make a bathroom run so I could boldly saunter over there (hopefully without tripping) and give them (yup, both of them – 1 was tall and blonde the other was not as tall with dark hair) my number.  Alas, that opportunity did not present itself.  *sigh*  Don’t think that I won’t be going back there next Wednesday (even if I have to go alone) to have a drink and see if they come back (shut up, it’s yet another new theory I’m testing out).  I miss meeting guys in person.  No, not after initially perusing their profiles online but honest to goodness, pick up a guy in a bar, at a grocery store, at the police station, oh wait ……. I don’t know when the last time it was that I went out with a guy that I didn’t meet online.  Huh ……..

Anywhoo, I’m sure I’ll pick up my Hand Cramp Monday challenge again at some point in the not too distant future, just not this week.  Or next. 😉 Get over it ………..


2 Responses to “Well That Was Certainly Short Lived”

  1. Keep hand cramping but also flirt with every guy you see everywhere.

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