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Rolling Old School September 11, 2011

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Let’s see, as my last internet date thought I was a bit of a whore and talked to me just like I was, I haven’t been on the sites much lately.  Go figure.  I managed to log into Match today to send all of 2 messages and 1 wink.  Neither of the messaged guys responded (dumbasses), but the one I sent a wink to did.  Is there some sort of inverse correlation between the less amount of work you put into anything, the better the payoff?  There might actually be.  Keeping in mind that out of all my craptastic dates that I’ve had this year, Webster and TallDark were both guys I considered cancelling on and wasn’t enthused about meeting in the least, this seems to support that theory.  Hmmmm, oh well, that’s something to ponder for another day.

I don’t have much to go on regarding ‘Dane’ from Match as I’ve only received his initial e-mail to me (complete with phone number) and I haven’t yet responded back.  It was a good one though.  Informative without boring me to tears.  Funny without being ridiculous sounding.  Oh, and he used complete sentences!  Holy cow!  He did admit to lying on his profile though.  About his height.  Although he is more than forgiven as he claimed to be shorter on his profile than he actually is as he fears that saying he’s 6’6″ is a bit freakishly tall.  Uhm, no way stretch.  That just means there is no way in hell I will ever tower over you! 

Anywhoo, I opted to roll with the old school style of trying to meet men this week.  No, as my local grocery store has asked me to stop ramming my cart into random mens’ in the produce aisle, I won’t be going that route.  And no, I won’t be joining a book club or a hiking club or a judo class.  I don’t have time (or the inclination) to do any of that.  I am going the tried and true route of happy hour.  Haha.  I know you can’t be surprised, can you?  There is absolutely nothing to lose in attempting to meet a flesh and blood person over half priced cocktails and appetizers.  Not that I’ve ever actually picked anyone up at happy hour mind you, but I may as well try, right?  At the very least, I know I’ll be in comfortable surroundings.  Although I will have to buy my own drink dammit….


4 Responses to “Rolling Old School”

  1. Good luck finding someone during happy hour. The last time I tried to do that I ended up drinking more than I intended and made an ass of myself. Good times!!! Are you going by yourself?

    • haha, i don’t really think i’ll find anyone, but i do love me a good happy hour. I’m just going to have 1 drink. I probably will end up going by myself (it’s good for me to do stuff like this sometimes)

  2. everevie Says:

    Oooh…can’t wait for the results of your “social-experiment”!!

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