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Well Crafted Plans September 12, 2011

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 4:57 pm

Why is it that whenever I plan something in advance, be it 52 dates in 12 days or what to have for breakfast next Tuesday, that something always happens to muck it up?  Okay, so I don’t actually eat breakfast (yeah, I know, most important meal of the day,  yadda,  yadda, yadda) and I think I would rather kill myself if I had to meet 52 douchebags men in just 12 days, but whatever.  Plus, with skipping breakfast I probably wouldn’t have the energy anyway. 😉

So I was enacting my ‘real world’ dating plan this week and slated Wednesday for ‘go pick up on hotties at E Bar’ night.  Aside from the fact that, knowing my luck, the bar will be full of senior citizens or some sort of herpes anonymous group, reality is attempting to screw with me.  I got a call today to do a lunch on Thursday.  From the woman that until the time when I lied and said I couldn’t take the job as it was less than 24 hours away and was already booked, has only ever called me last minute.  Do you realize the magnitude of this?  It’s only Monday!  She’s giving me 2.5 days notice!  WTF?!  I don’t think I’ll know how to function without being in a frenzied tizzie!  The thing is, I make it a general rule not to go out the night before I have functions though.  But really that means no hitting the town to drink like a fish and potentially make an ass of myself.  I guess a very innocent and low key happy hour should be able to be grandfathered in, right?  A girls gotta eat.  And drink. 🙂  Shouldn’t affect my ability to feed cranky realtors lunch, should it?

Eh, I guess it will all depend on how Wednesday’s lunch date goes really and if I’m in a shitty mood or not.  Me?  In a crappy mood?  Now that’s just plain crazy talk! 🙂


2 Responses to “Well Crafted Plans”

  1. everevie Says:

    See now…that’s how we differ…if I had a huge, important, business-y event…I’d make sure I was walking in still drunk from the night before. Because, you know…it makes life so much more interesting. Right?

    Just kidding! I never do that.

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