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Uh, At Least My Ahi Burger Was Good…… September 14, 2011

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Huh.  So I get to the restaurant early and am standing outside texting away to some shithead who shall remain nameless who in one foot back in the door with some bitch that doesn’t deserve him, but I digress.  As I’m waiting, I notice a really tall guy pretty much fly right past me.  Uhm, really?  I’m that unnoticeable?  I call his name and he turns around and gives me a hug.  An unenthusiastic one.  Yey me.  We sit, we order, we talk.  I can’t really come up with many questions to ask him as he’s talking a lot.  About how new he is to online dating and how he doesn’t really understand how it works.  He also proceeds to tell me that he’s been talking to many women and that I was actually the 3rd one he met so far this week (way to go tall guy, it’s only Wednesday).  Nice.  Oh, and he’s apparently gotten so many women lined up that he’s taken his profile down until he can weed through them all.  Okay, he didn’t say it that way, but that’s how I interpreted it.  He’s got some douchebag friend who is a perpetual bachelor giving him online dating advice from CA.  He did not approve of the removal of the profile, btw.

So conversation was okay however he doesn’t make a lot of eye contact when he talks and not sure he ‘gets’ sarcasm.  So between the non-eye contact, the nervousness (his not mine) and the listing of the other dates, I’m not quite sure what to think.  Aside from some fucked up teeth, he wasn’t horrible.  I mean he was tall with a great head of salt and pepper hair.  And has a job.  😉  Damn, my standards have changed……  So he pays the bill, walks me to my car, gives me a hug and awkwardly as hell says ‘I’ll call you’.  Uh, really?

No clue.


So although my day started out great, when paired with a mediocre lunch date, a stupid shithead going back to a horrible woman, smashing my head into a hanging lamp and the car place telling me that my appointment is tomorrow and not today (when I KNOW it was today), my day has gone to shit.  And I’m not going to make it to happy hour either as I would probably just bite someone’s head off.  Good times…….


5 Responses to “Uh, At Least My Ahi Burger Was Good……”

  1. stevesw Says:

    Remember, a free lunch is a free lunch. 🙂 (And it was a good thing – for me – that the only thing I got right was he did not get sarcasm…but knocking out the waiter with your flying glass would have made the date more interesting).

    • oh, thanks for reminding me ……. does it help to know that i actually spilled water all over myself …. like totally missed my mouth. Luckily he didn’t see or point it out …….. oh wait, yes he did ……… nice

  2. husbandhunter1 Says:

    Your most recent post is PW protected…. 😦

  3. […] easy to do seeing as I haven’t actually been on a date, internet derived or otherwise, since September 14th.  This is about the fact that internet dating can and does work.  It’s not always easy and […]

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