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Lazy, Lazy, Lazy September 18, 2011

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Yup, that’s me.  Not quite sure I could be less motivated to peruse the gallery of clowns  bachelors on Match this week, but as my overly ambitious declaration of contacting 5 guys a week on any of my 3 remaining dating sites kinda got left in the dust, I sort feel like I really should put at least minimal effort into this.  Well, it’s actually more like 2 sites since POF still creeps me out so I only go on there when either exceptionally drunk or desperate.  As I am neither at the moment, I’m left with OkStupid and Match as the lesser of the evils.

In between my rounds of tanning, cleaning, laundry and napping yesterday, I managed to log on for all of 5 minutes before giving up.  Just so the endeavour wasn’t a total wash, I mustered up the energy to message all of 1 guy.  Granted, he was totally cute and sounds like he has a great sense of humor, but as he’s 39 and looking to stretch his age range to a whopping 40, i’m not holding my breath.

I did receive some lovely form messages from inappropriate men this weekend.  Yey me!  One could quite possibly be a serial killer (okay, I really just typed cereal 1st – oy), one could be the serial killer’s father, and one used the word ‘too’ in place of ‘to’ in about 76 places in his illiterate profile.  I haven’t bothered to log onto OkStupid in I’m not sure how long.  I probably should, however it was just brought to my knowledge that my beloved ‘rate the douchebag’ game has changed.  And I’m not a fan of the new procedure.  I still get to give 98% of the guys my patented 2 star rating, but now instead of my picture being mixed in with 8 others and sent to the guys that I happen to give pity 4 or 5s to with the sly message of ‘one of these 9 rated you highly, what do you think?’, they just send a straight away message letting the dummies know that I rated them highly.  Oy.  Have you any idea of the hits that my ego is going to take with this new development?  I mean sure, it was fun to rate the uber rare guy highly and then know that if I didn’t get a high ranking in response, that I probably just got mixed in with a bunch of losers and he just got tired of looking at the profiles before he got to mine.  There’s no way around the slap in the face that a non-response will garner this new way.  Me no likee.  I think I’m going to teach them a lesson by not rating anyone highly.  Ha!  Take that OkStupid! 🙂


2 Responses to “Lazy, Lazy, Lazy”

  1. JaneDoePhx Says:

    I have decided to be on Hiatus from dating. It’s exhausting and I could use the energy for something productive like exercise or housework, or god forbid, my career. I admire your fortitude…….keep on truckin! Who knows….maybe some of those rare four star guys will be the genuine article and sweep you off your feet. PS, love the “clowns” usage in a sentence. Brings to mind frightening prospects. And some past dates.

  2. everevie Says:

    Your day sounded lovely, not lazy. 🙂

    Maybe previously the 4-5 star guys just never really played the rating game…but now, they’ll get an email saying you rated them highly and they’ll be super-stoked. 🙂

    It could happen.

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