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Why I’m A Ginormous Idiot, Reason # 5,827 September 25, 2011

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Oh. My. God.  I suck more than usual sometimes.  Of course what is to follow is entirely hypothetical, but whatever.  So I possibly got in a big ole’ fight with someone on Friday.  One sided of course and he opted to ignore me after my 1st shittastic text.  Don’t worry, I only sent one more even shittier text after that before I threw my phone across the room.  Hypothetically of course.  Yesterday, however, I get in my head that Senor Dumbass probably has it in his head that I was pissed that he was out with another girl.  Which was wrong.  It was the fact that he was out with another girl who he felt the need to keep telling me was awesome and cool and good company and that they had a lot in common.  Whatever he wrote, all I heard was ‘she’s better than you’.  Because I’m cool like that.  Really though, the reason I was pissed was because just that day he had told me that he didn’t want to talk about what was currently going on with he and the psycho neighbor.  That he just needs time to mope and pout and be alone and that I needed to give him a couple of days.  And then lets me know that he’s out, confiding in whoever, having fun and yey for her inviting him out. Uh, you told me you didn’t want to do anything.  Whatever.  So maybe I felt the need yesterday to let him know that these are the reasons I was pissed.  And maybe I threw in a couple other things solely to make him feel guilty.  And be shitty.  Again, because I’m awesome like that.  Of course I didn’t send it.  I just obsessed over it all day.  Revised it about 427 times and settled on a version that was just the right amount of lame and embarrassing and immature and annoying.  Yey me.  All hypothetical, of course.  And then I woke up pissed again this morning and sent it.

Nope, that’s not why I’m an idiot.  It might be why I’m a bitch, but this post isn’t about that.  Anyway, I have this awesome habit of changing peoples’ names in my phone when I’m pissed at them.  Along the lines of ‘Don’t Call Him’ or ‘He’s An Idiot’ or for the really special ones, ‘Fucking Douchebag’.  I find it entertaining and it prevents me from calling or texting them as I see their charming nickname and realize that it’s there for a reason.  No biggie as I’m the only person that sees my phone ‘names’.  Too bad that I’ve forgotten that my phone syncs with my home computer and of course changes their name on there too.

I sure hope TD enjoyed his craptastic e-mail this morning apparently addressed to ‘I’m A Dumbass – Match’.  If I wasn’t so horrified, I’d be laughing my ass off.

The truly sucky thing now is that while I was not going to contact him again (no really),  I just had to send him a text apologizing for ‘my friend’ apparently changing his name in my phone and hoping that it didn’t come thru in the address line of the e-mail.  Thank god this is all hypothetical though, huh?  Otherwise, I might need to seek some serious therapy for my apparent inability to ever let things go. 😉


18 Responses to “Why I’m A Ginormous Idiot, Reason # 5,827”

  1. silly_G Says:

    Laughing so hard! Love it! I am totally going to start changing the names of men on my phone. I sent a hanging draft text in the middle of the night not too long ago… apologized next day saying “idk y it says i txted ya at 3am. sent that at 10 when we were chatting”. Geesh….

  2. Emilie Says:

    well, knowing computers, there is a good chance that he will see the new nicname, of course it all depends which email provider your using…

    So what if he can see the new nikname, it will be telling the truth to begin with and if he has a some sence of humor, he will find it funny!!

  3. And this is exactly the kind of hilarious blunder that you’ll be able to tell your kinds one day!

    • Do you know something I don’t SD? Pretty sure I don’t have kids (or kinds ;-)) Pretty sure, as well, that I’ll never be telling, or even meeting, TD’s kids

      • It goes two ways… 1. Badly. 2. Or you laugh about it, talk it out, and he sees ‘you’ and he changes and bells ring and the sun shines (it’s Arizona, at least I’ll get this bit right) and angels sing (but not me; if you heard my singing you’d be out off romance with *anyone* for a year or more) and all is well and soon there is a little Brown and Purple and Mauve…(this would sound better if could use names that are close to your real name of course).

        I’m hoping for #2…but I’m a romantic like that…

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    It actually is funny 😀 how could he see the nickname? When you send an email it shows what you have him saved under or what?

    • on my comoputer is shows their e-mail address and whatever name I have them under – no clue what they see on the other end – should probably figure that out though

      • I think that what they see on the other end depends on your mail client and their mail client. For example, the web-based Verizon email system doesn’t show me what name was used to send me an e-mail unless I explictly click “More Details”. Same for my Hotmail account.

        Hence, there’s a good chance he will never know you did this.

        Note: It highlights why acronyms might be safer. As in “Struggling Dad (DA)” where “DA” stands for “Dumb-Ass” in your head but can be explained away as “Dear Acquaintance” if he were to notice the qualification.. 🙂

  5. TikkTok Says:

    Another great example of why technology is evil…. 😉

  6. everevie Says:

    Umm…so, hypothetically speaking…if you had maybe sent a friend a copy of the email…she might have seen the “I’m a Dumbass-Match” in the fwd of the email. BUT she might have also thought you did that on purpose and so didn’t point it out.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  7. He is so wrapped up in himself he would not even notice…don’t worry about it!

  8. Everything about this guy sounds complicated. I’m a fan of un-complicated. I’d be wishing him luck and moving on! Even being friends with him sounds tiring!

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