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Well No Shit Miss Cleo September 26, 2011

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 5:13 pm

Leo Sep 26 2011 You aren’t one to give up easily, Leo. When the going gets tough, a Leo almost always gets going. Your perseverance and determination are legendary. You aren’t easily knocked down. That’s one of your many attributes. But, at times, it is also one of your downfalls. Sometimes you don’t know when to quit. You don’t know when your investment is being wasted. Right now you are pushing and working and choosing not to give up on a certain goal, but you have done all you can. It may be time to walk away from something that isn’t giving anything back. —


2 Responses to “Well No Shit Miss Cleo”

  1. stevesw Says:

    Probably one of the most apropos (and timely?) one in a long while…are you sure Miss Cleo is not reading your blog? 😉

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