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Fancy Meeting You Here September 29, 2011

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So yes, lucky you, it’s time for a new installment of ‘what brings you to my crappy, self pittying blog today?’  As I haven’t done this in a while and I certainly haven’t been on a date in a while (can you believe I’ve had exactly ONE date this month ~ I’m definately losing my touch), I figured instead of posting another introspective piece of boring garbage, we’d have some fun!  Yey you!

myguidetobadinternetdating ~ apparently about 27 people don’t realize they can either bookmark me, add me to favorites (oh, to be someone’s favorite ~ sigh), or just subscribe to my nonsense ;-)however you get here though, thank you 27
43 and single ~ yup, that’s me.  Oh wait!  That WAS me, up until last month.  Now I’m shitty 44. 6
43 and i’ve resorted to online dating ~ yup, again, that’s me trying to hid my ‘real’ age apparently 5
odd topics of conversation ~ oh, i’ve got millions of them! 2
botchulism ~ sad that someone looking for information on the symptoms they might be looking for after eating a swollen can of mushroom landed on my dating blog 2
grape vodka grape powerade ~ I can’t believe someone stole my secret recipe!  To be clear though, it’s grape powerade zero! 1
lovely dinner invitaion words ~ yeah, I don’t know anything about those 1
jaye, sugardaddie.com ~ no clue what-so-ever how this would bring someone here.  I am neither Jaye, nor a sugardaddie 1
bond between twins ~ haha, I certainly hope they weren’t researching a school report and came upon my snipey bitchfest about my twin sister 1
odd topic of conversation ~ yeah, uhm we already went over this 1
blue martini phoenix douchebags ~ hahaha, I wonder if we were there on the same night? 1
bouculism ~ must be the french spelling for the term 1
what is a warped self-image ~ hello, right  here sweet pea 1
depressing messages ~ which one of my latest posts did you find the most depressing?  it could very well be a 42 way tie………. 1
“pee behind a bush” ~ wow.  Do you think they were looking for some sort of a how to manual or maybe some helpful balancing tips? 1
romantic thought 2011 ~ uh, I’m still waiting, thanks

And those, my (3) friends are this week’s search terms that have brought people to my annoying little blog.  But here’s some awesome news!  You know what today is, don’t you?  It’s THURSDAY!  Yey!  One more day until Friday.  AND, more importantly, the day that I post over at Dating Sauce!  Go check out my lovely thoughts on internet dating profiles and how to sass up mine! 🙂


8 Responses to “Fancy Meeting You Here”

  1. everevie Says:

    Lololol!! Pee behind a bush??? Awesome. Can’t wait to read your latest and greatest at The Sauce!

  2. silly_G Says:

    umm vodka and powerade! does it kill the hangover before it even starts?

  3. Pee behind a bush?!?! I’m guessing that person wanted to make sure he/she weren’t alone in that aspect. hehehe

  4. husbandhunter1 Says:

    Hey girl heeyyyyy (if you’re really bored, check it out the origin of that greeting here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9ILxkbYIhU)

    Blue Martini Las Vegas is full of douchebags too. What’s with that damn place?

  5. […] like crazy a couple weeks back when I read 43 & Single’s post on what brings people to her blog.   So funny, I never even thought of looking at search terms! […]

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