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L’Shana Tova October 3, 2011

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So last week was the Jewish New Year.  Don’t ask me how the Jewish calendar works, I just know that it’s the opposite of the ‘other’ one.  What?  Don’t judge me.  There was an awesome playground across the street from my Sunday school.  It’s really not my fault that my bathroom breaks would usually take an hour or so and I missed out on learning any of the pertinent information.

Anyway, we’re all well aware that i’m a bad Jew.  No, not in the sense that I’m a bad person, i’m just your average run of the mill non religious jack jew.  If such a thing existed.

None of my dating profiles state my ‘technical’ religion as I chose ‘spiritual but not religious’ on all of them as that’s the closest to what I am (’cause non religious kissing whore is not an option).  Well creepily enough, that boring old Jewish Doctor that was messaging me on Match last week before I opted to admit defeat in that boredom trumps being able to tell my mother that I’m dating a doctor and stopped responding, wished me L’Shana Tova yesterday.  Which is hebrew for happy new year.  Uhm, I never told him I’m Jewish.  My profile doesn’t state that I’m Jewish.  Being a tall, blonde, blue eyed gal I am pretty much the antithesis of what Jewish women look like.  So unless he’s running around wishing random gentiles a Happy Jewish New Year, he either did some sort of creepy religious google search on me or somehow knows me or my family in real life.

Let’s say it all together……..creepy!


6 Responses to “L’Shana Tova”

  1. everevie Says:

    Hmm…is it possible he’s just proud of his heritage and religion and might wish anybody and everybody L’Shana Tova?? Like some people wish everyone Merry Christmas?

    I had a good Jewish friend (acutally…HD’s ex-wife…lol)…who used to invite her Gentile friends, me included, to every Jewish holiday under the sun. Maybe he’s just one of those types.

    Either that, or your mother devised an evil plot to get you married off to a nice Jewish doctor. Lol.

    • That would be uber odd of him to randomly wish me a Happy Jewish New Year as just a face in the crowd of internet daters. While I totally understand your friend wanting to include all of you in her traditions, I am not friends with this guy, so it’s just weird.

      And I wouldn’t put it past my mother to do something like that ……. 😉

  2. Online Dating Circus Expert Says:

    CREEEEEEPY! What are you going to respond back???

  3. HoaiPhai Says:

    Doesn’t it depend on where you’re from? I mean in sweden most jewish people are tall, blonde, and blue eyed, aren’t they? There’s an old joke about a congregation in China who posted an ad on an internet bulletin board for a new rabbi. When one applicant from Tel Aviv showed up, they acted strange when they found out he was their prospective rabbi saying, “Funny, you don’t look it”.

    • I’m certain you’re right in that it depends on where you’re from. As I don’t live (or date) in Sweden (although I’d really like to), I am only referring to what the stereotypical Jew looks like in the states. And while I am well aware that stereotypes are just plain silly, no one has ever guessed that i’m Jewish. Funny about the rabbi in China, though. Thanks for the comment!

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