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I’m Famous! October 4, 2011

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Okay, not me, perse, but apparently I may have another Doppleganger floating around the universe (sorry Click).  I was watching one of my all time favorite reality shows last night (don’t judge) and I swear, I’m on it!  It’s a show called Tough Love on VH1.  They take all these ‘relationship challenged’ women and break down their issues and teach them how to date.  One of the gals on there, albeit seemingly much nicer than I am, is blue eyed, blonde and has been on 37 first dates this year!!!  I can’t wait to see what her issues are! 🙂


As for updates on the (lack of) dating front, I had something some guy with the charming moniker of SpongeWorthy wink at me.  I had some fuckhead guy with the even more charming name of BeatMe*** add me to his favorites.  And last, but not least, Irish Guy is again stalking my OkStupid profile.  Really people?  I do need to be cast on some reality television show ……….. no, really 😉


12 Responses to “I’m Famous!”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Everyone has a “Doppleganger”, in a way that there are someone in the world that will have a similar look, experience and way of thinking.. but they’re not 100% like the other person (yourself) because there might be something that happened in their life that did not happend to you.. (this goes both ways).

    As for the casting of a reality show, well… if you do, your identity will be exposed and you will no longer be anonymous… (just saying) unless you don’t mind…

  2. goyagrrl Says:

    Oh no!!! I remember a Spongeworthy from OKCupid – is he in New York?

  3. Pammy Girl Says:

    I’ve been gone for a long while but not without reason. Let’s just say that I got promoted and worked kicked into (very) high gear. I haven’t been home and when I have been, I’m usually numb and brain dead due to the mileage I’ve been running (anything more than 10 miles requires a nap afterward).

    I thought you should know that Naked Sexting Guy was just that. Naked and we sexted. He never wanted to see me, was very pretty and manipulative and kind of an ass. And not very bright. And a Tea Party enthusiast. He thinks I’m too high-maintenance, too liberal and, apparently, not sexy enough to be seen with him in public. I think I look OK but when he’s got 5% body fat and was a stripper in Vegas for a while, I really can’t show up on his arm and feel OK about myself… and I’m not sure I want to.

    So that’s where I’ve been for the better part of the summer. Hope I haven’t missed too much excitement around here.

    • I’ve missed you Pammy! Naked Sexting Guy is an idiot. You’re too good for him anyway and don’t you ever think, for one minute, that you can’t hold your own against anyone. I’m sorry he turned out to be a manipulative idiot, but let’s compare, shall we? You are absolutely amazing, very bright, beautiful, have tons of friends, don’t treat people like kleenex, you have a great career and you have more fun adventures than I could ever hope to have. What does he have? A fake tan, a below average intelligence level, most likely a tiny penis from the ‘roids I’m sure he takes, and is apparently a terrible judge of character. Good riddance to him. You deserve better!

      Congrats on the promotion!

  4. Pammy Girl Says:

    Thank you. Sometimes support from anonymous bloggers is the best kind. 🙂

    By the way: the last time we talked I told him if he hoped to get laid in the future, he was in desperate need of a spray tan because the boy is WHITE. Like Casper white. Lose him in the sheets kind of white. British white. And he seemed to think his penis was Tommy Lee worthy. I wouldn’t know… we never got that far. That would require effort on his part. I don’t chase. It’s tacky and wreaks of desperation.

    Again, many thanks. Now I have to read the past 3 months to find out what you’ve been up to… hopefully no good because that’s the best stuff. 🙂

    • Gotta love deluded guys. Okay, I’ll save you some time on perusing the last 3 months of my life. Here’s the cliff’s notes version: I’m lame. I was lame with an underserving guy, I was lame without an undeserving guy, I was lame again with a different guy, a guy ‘offered’ to let me ‘grab his dick’ in the parking lot after our 1st date, oh! and I’ve been drunk most of the time! 🙂 The end.

  5. Brenda @ FLM Says:

    I hitched a ride here from The Redneck Princess. If Donna suggests a good blog, it has to be good! New follower here….. I did the internet dating thing when I was 34/35 years old. Met my husband on Yahoo Personals. 🙂 Yes, I fessed up. It can be fun, it can be scary, BUT it can also work! Good luck! 🙂

    • You may not be happy with Donna for directing you here at this particular point in time. I seem to be some sort of lame alter ego from my usually upbeat, snarky self. I’ll go ahead and apologize to you now. 😉 Glad you’re here and hope I don’t scare you off too soon! 🙂

      Awesome that you’re one of the success stories!!!

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