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Why I’m A Complete Moron, Reason #472 October 7, 2011

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 10:27 am

Nope, this has absolutely nothing to do with guys, dating or anything else of interest.  Sorry.  So I’m working away at my craptastic second job yesterday, minding my own business and enjoying the repreive from triple digit temperatures when it happens.  I look down and notice that I’m wearing 2 different tennis shoes.  Awesome.  Can’t quite decide if the fact that it took me until 1 in the afternoon to notice or the fact that when I grabbed them in the morning they were sitting side by side which could only mean one thing.  That I did the same thing the day before.  I’m so cool.


16 Responses to “Why I’m A Complete Moron, Reason #472”

  1. Don’t worry, I think most of us are in triple digits too. 🙂

  2. […] was inspired to add this short post after reading this post from Grey Goose today. In fact, I have stolen her title verbatim […]

  3. silly_G Says:

    Yep, someone pointed out to me 7 hours into the workday on tuesday that my shirt was on inside out…

  4. Emilie Says:

    Dont worry about it!! it happens to the best of us. a few years ago i had put on two diffrent heel (i worked in an office setting) and my boss pointed it out at the end of the day that i was wearing two diffrent heels that day.

  5. Hahahah, we must be sisters, that is so something I would do…

  6. dapeach Says:

    Everyone just thought it was your style and went on their way. Thanks for sharing it makes the rest of us feel better when things like that happen to us. I bet it looked cool too. I my just try it out. 🙂

  7. TikkTok Says:

    I’ve done the one blue and one black shoe before. Fortunately, everyone knows I have kids, so that we could all get out the door by 8 am with clothes on was enough. 😆

    • haha, gotta pick your battles when working with a deadline like that! 😉

      • TikkTok Says:

        yeahhhhh- and we were several minutes late last week, to the point where people cheered when I got there. I’m like, “The upside is that everyone is still alive…..” which apparently was funny even though I wasn’t actually joking….. 😉 Some days are better than others. I used to leave their shoes on the top of the refrigerator so we wouldn’t have to dig to find them in the morning. Now, I think I’m going to get them up at 6 am so they’ll be ready. If that doesn’t work, they are going to sleep in their clothes…… 😆

  8. Surrey gal Says:

    You are freaking cool!!! That’s a new fashion style, remember what I always tell my girls: be a trend setter, not a follower 😀

  9. Caroline Says:

    You’re not alone!!!!

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