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I Gave It My Best Shot October 10, 2011

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Hell no, I didn’t talk to TD about anything of importance!  Have we not met?  I need to obsess about it and run through 5 bazillion different scenarios in my head first before I actually even begin to think about blurting out the all time most lame line ever of ‘do you like me’?  I should just get him drunk (not all that hard to do) and slam him up against a wall and kiss him, but I’m afraid I’d either a) give the poor guy a heart attack or b) make him wet his pants.  Although yes, this is certainly what I would hope he would do to me at some point (no, not the wetting of the pants or heart attack), it is getting pushed to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list for now.

I logged onto Match this morning.  Took a gander at the rejects that have me marked as a favorite (honestly, I wish I could post a link as it the scariest looking group of guys outside of a chain gang that I’ve seen in a long time).  Ran a quick search of my own to see who was new on the site.  After spending all of 14 seconds reciting my new mantra of ‘no, not him’ to each and every one of them, I logged back off.  Oh wait, I did change my profile picture.  Yey me.  I should log onto Plenty of Tools just for shits and giggles.  Or OkStupid to see how many times Irish Guy has checked out my profile.  Eh, maybe later.

Oh, yey me!  It’s as if the website has ears and opts to fuck with me every time I slam on it.  OkStupid just sent me a bunch of new profiles of eligible bachelors in my area.  Go ahead and guess who was on it.  No really, guess.  Why the hell do they insist on doing things like this to me?  Damn, I’m gonna have to have a loooong talk with my faux self about stalking his profile and monitoring log in times.  Ick.  I hate me.


12 Responses to “I Gave It My Best Shot”

  1. Hahahahahah…Plenty of Tools, that is soooooo about it!!!! Too frickken funny….

  2. You should screen shot the list of guys!!

    OKC is the one I’ve had the most ‘luck’ with, been chatting to a girl on there just recently, can’t hurt to suggest meeting, she seems pretty cool.

    My users who want to meet me on PoF are pretty damn scary, I gotta admit!

  3. Brenda Says:

    When I was internet dating I had a lot of fun with it. More of having fun “drilling” the guys with questions, over and over, to see if they’d give the same answer. Of course, this was over a period of time, like 2 wks or something before I even agreed to meet them out in a public place, and yeah, of course, I was “packing” in case they were totally whack jobs. But….overall I got a kick out of it. Just remember, there are some “truthful” folks out there. Have you tried EHarmony? I heard from some ppl it was good. I found “Match” and of course this was over 7 years ago, mostly dudes wanting a booty call…..which was fine…..if they were smoking hawt! hehe

    Have fun with it!

    • Have you missed my stats? 😉 After 2 years of it, I’m having a hard time finding the ‘fun’ in internet dating 😦 It will be fun again, of that I am certain, just not right now.

      OMG! You are never ever EVER allowed to suggest EHorrorMe to me! I HATED that site. Kept suggesting guys 5″ shorter than I was and sending me ‘perfect matches’ that were less than perfect…… icky

  4. Matthew Says:

    You could always take a screen shot of the “winners” and post them. Just sayin. There’s always a way.

  5. Da Peach Says:

    Bring photo’s and let us all vote on them from Match. Don’t wait tooooo long to make a move on TD. You can do it. 🙂

  6. tiffsjourney Says:

    Oh Lordy… I can so relate to this. I’ve gotten so frustrated with that crap I’ve given up. Everytime I checked my mail, or my matches for that matter… my first response was always… “are you effing kidding me”.. LOL…And Plenty of Tools has me cracking up… because that’s such a good name for that God forsaken site. What a load of BS that site has to offer… but then again, I guess you can’t expect too much from a free dating site.
    I look forward to reading more…

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