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Well That Was Certainly Short Lived October 14, 2011

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Hmmm, not even sure what to write.  How about that I am a complete and utter moron.  Or he is.  Not sure yet, but may be a bit of both.  I saw TD last night.  He swung by to get me on the way to taking his son to practice.  To say things were awkward was a bit of an understatement.  I asked him if I had totally messed things up on Tuesday and he says ‘well, it was a little strange’.  To which I kinda stared at him (I’m getting really good at that apparently).  I apologized (of which I do way too much as well) for my reaction as it really was a strange one that night and for saying all the things that I did.  He told me not to apologize and that he’s glad I told him how I was feeling.  He then went on to tell me that he has no idea what he’s doing.  He’s not over the ex.  He doesn’t know what he wants.  Blah, blah, blah.  All things that I know.  I told him I realized all of these things and that I think he needs a friend right now more than anything.  He agreed and  then went the stellar extra step of making sure that I didn’t misinterpret any time that he spends with me.  Uh, fuck you?  Really?  I told him not to worry about that.  Did I mean it?  Who the hell knows with me these days.

Basically he spoke in circles and I didn’t get any sort of a definitive answer from him however his non answers pretty much let me know that he is not interested in dating me.  Now or ever.  Nice.  As I am still a bit mortified that I actually agreed (more like begged probably) to be part of a ‘rotation’ of dates is absolutely ridiculous.  I always suspected that I was a big loser, but now I’m apparently a desperate one.

Yey me.


7 Responses to “Well That Was Certainly Short Lived”

  1. tiffsjourney Says:

    You’re not a loser… he is, because he doesn’t realize what a wonderful woman he’s missing out on.

    I’m telln ya… dating in this day and age is hard as shit. You know why? Cause everyone is looking for something better. It’s like this… when you buy some living room furniture, you stop looking at living room furniture right?… because if you continue to spend every minute of your day looking for damn couches you’re eventually going to find one you like better. That same analogy goes for dating.

  2. OK, I’m invested in this too since I shot off my big mouth on this topic this week. If this guy is changing his mind, I look bad and — waaayyy more important — it means he’s making you feel bad.

    My honest opinion: Don’t bother talking to him about dating. Maybe having the discussion is awkward for him; he’s a guy so he must be slow anyway. Just do it. Ask him on a date. If he backs off, backpedals, or hesitates, you’re right and I’m wrong about this working out, and you should dump him to save yourself further anguish. You need a guy who is — and this term seems much more important than I thought — emotionally available. If he’s not over his ex, send him on his way with your number is in his back pocket for if/when he sorts his mind out. You deserve someone willing to be your clear friend or your clear let’s-see-if-this-works.

    • Thanks SD. I will not be asking him out. I will, however, need to figure out if I can backtrack and be ‘friends’. Kind of humbling to lay it all out there and be rejected, but I can’t take any of it back, so I just need to figure out what to do from here. I think the worst part is that I told anyone, not just him, that I was willing to be part of a ‘dating rotation’. That’s not me and I’m more than a little concerned that I did that …….

  3. Brenda Says:

    It’s his loss gf. No matter how hard it may be, just move on. You are not a loser. There is someone out there for you. Maybe a lot of someones. Keep your chin up and keep on looking! 🙂

    • Thanks Brenda. I know I should really just move on as he sorta gets to the have the best of both worlds this way. Me as a friend + he gets to date others. Awesome. For him ……. 😉

      • Brenda Says:

        It may be hard but you know deep down, he just doesn’t know what he wants yet. Make him miss you, become unavailable, and let him come crawling to you. Kind of like a bird…. set it free and if it comes back, it was meant to be. Power to you girlie. Hang tough!

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