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Let’s Hope To Hell My Luck Is Changing October 28, 2011

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Like it could get any worse.  No really.  You all better cross your fingers.  I mean it.  Please????  Although I haven’t been on the craptastic stellar dating sites lately (no, I still haven’t logged onto OkStupid to see who or what wrote me that note from a few days ago), I’ve been getting a steady stream of lame assed winks from Match.  Yey me.  Not.  I decided to log in yesterday, basically to see if a certain someone had changed his horribly generic and lame profile but whatever, and looked to see who all these guys were that apparently have something in their eye.

I had the usual assortment of guys that were too old, too young, too visually challenged (from my perspective, not theirs), too stupid sounding or lived 14 states away.  Why?  Why, why, why can’t I have just one ‘normal’ ish guy contact me?  Oh wait, a wink I got 5 days ago from a guy without a picture put pictures up.  And although they’re not great, I didn’t want to sheild my eyes and run screaming from the room.  That hasn’t happened in a while.  Oh how my standards have changed.  As he winked at me and heaven forbid I put any more effort into anything than they do, I winked back.  And was rewarded with a really nice message.  Best part?  He writes in complete sentences and actually read my profile as he referenced it several times!  Impressive (sad that that would be impressive, but what can you do?).  I wrote back and he wrote back again.  He’s uber polite and sounds like a really nice guy.  He lives farther away than I would like, but as long as he doesn’t turn into a crazy stalker (thanks Martin), I’ll probably meet him.  If he asks.  Which I’m sure he will. 😉

And just because TD insisted at lunch on telling me all about his date last night and I, for some assinine reason, asked if he kissed her and was told that he did and that it was nice, opted to lie and say I had a date last night.  When I didn’t.  Duh.  TD was all kinds of supportive and excited on my behalf.  And then proceeded to text me 3 times during my ‘faux date’.  Go figure.  I guess we’re both 12.  Yey for us.  Ugh.


10 Responses to “Let’s Hope To Hell My Luck Is Changing”

  1. You shouldn’t worry about him snogging a date. You’ve always said you do that on exploratory dates (I’m not judging) and it doesn’t imply deep love or necessarily a second date. So if he does it, no need to worry.

    I’m still going with either (a) get rid of TD altogether so you can focus on someone who is going to be able to meet your needs or (b) ‘fess up and tell TD everything from start to finish and risk your heart. My gut says that TD will run but your comments about the extended conversations and general friendship could prove me wrong. And I’d really like to be wrong because that means you win and get a guy that works for you.

    • TD and I are completely different people in that regard, SD. As we all know, I’m a total kissing whore and a somewhat of a (sad) professional dater. He is nothing like that. He’s never dated and has kissed probably 5 people in his lifetime (I probably kissed that many in May alone), so if he kisses someone, it pretty much means something.

      Hell no on the fessing up. I am getting rid of him 😦 on Monday (i like to schedule ahead for these things). I’d like for you to be wrong about him ‘running’ if I were to choose the other option too, but I’m not giving him that chance. I’m running first. In 3 days………

  2. Sorry E…for some time, he really sounded like a great match for you. Darn SOB!!!

    • He IS a great match for me, SD. He’s just too stupid to realize it. He is still one of the nicest and best guys I’ve ever met and is a wonderful friend. It’s not his fault I violated the friendship code nor is it his fault that I apparently come in the wrong ‘packaging’. 😦

  3. Kat Richter Says:

    I just finished reading an article called “All the Single Ladies.” Long story short, there really ARE fewer and fewer decent single men out there… in all age brackets, professions, states, etc. So its not just you 😦

    • Single Dad Says:

      The same could be said for women. The older you get the harder it gets to meet a decent woman.

    • Well that’s not reassuring at all, now is it? 😦 I read a summary of that article. Although I’m glad it’s not just me, heck if that doesn’t sorta reduce my optimism. Oh well, I know your Date #7 will be available soon, so nice of you to throw him back into the dating pool. 🙂

  4. lifeandothermisadventures Says:

    I feel for you. It’s so hard to be in this situation! I’m in the same boat in a sense, because for a long time in my heart I’ve held out hope that R would come back. I bump into him now and again, and he’s always so warm towards me – and his eyes just hold such kindness that I always remember the sweet things he used to do for me. But I have to accept that he isn’t ever going to be the man I want him to be. It’s just so sad.

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