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Yey For Halloween? October 31, 2011

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 12:04 am

Thank god Halloween is finally here!  Nope, not because of all the candy.  Not because of all the cute kids in costume.  But in that just maybe I can reverse the start of the bleeding ulcer I’ve been giving myself over this whole fucking TD thing.  Just to give you a peek into how messed up this whole scenario is, let me share a few choice tidbits from this weekend:

Friday night with he and his kids rewarded me with:

A neck massage


A car wash


Whining about the neighbor ex

The story of how great his date was on Wednesday

A huge hug and declaration of undying friendship

Texts all the way home

Saturday Night Presented Me With:

Playing pool with he and his son

Another neck massage

Getting to watch him text message with Wednesday whore date all night

His falling asleep while I was there

My semi storming out and my refusal of his customary good bye hug

His total oblivion to the fact that anything was wrong

A text on the way home stating how much his kids love having me around as does he


text messages all morning that abruptly stop (meaning he got a better text offer apparently)

an update 2 hours later letting me know that he has Date #3 at Wednesday whore’s house for dinner that night

bitchy response from me in the way of ‘yey you, i hope you get lucky tonight?’ you stupid, blind, dumb fucker

his being totally oblivious again

his telling me, after explaining all the things that don’t work about this woman for him, that he ‘hopes it works out with her long term’ and that he hopes she likes him (wtf?)

a frantic text message from him regarding the neighbor-ex (who has a new boyfriend)

my thinking that he’s this poor naive soul that the date #3 whore is going to totally take advantage of only to find out that he’s not as naive as he claims to be

my declaring, for the umpteenth time this week, that I can’t wait for Monday night to get here!

Now while I am fully aware that I just painted him as a complete emotional retard, I fully understand that I am equally as lame for even wanting such a basket case who is so fucking oblivious to what he’s doing to me that he thinks I give a shit about how awesome his date is going to be.

I suck.  He sucks.  This whole scenario sucks.  Thank god it’s almost over.


8 Responses to “Yey For Halloween?”

  1. Hi Grey,

    This arrived just as I was about to go sleep.

    If only you could pick out all the good bits, it would make for an interesting weekend. As a package, it was a tough one for you.

    Sorry to hear it…:((

    Cheers, SD

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how tonight goes. I have beenthrough the same exact thing….it ain’t pretty. I’m rather interested to hear how TD’s 3rd date went at the whores house…..any updates? We are all rooting for you- good luck! Stay strong;)

    • Hi Tiffany! He made sure to text me when he got home (at 12:30am) to let me know that it was ‘good, but not great’ ……. whatever. And thanks for rooting for me. I could use all the help I can get 😉

  3. Matthew Says:

    This is more suspenseful than any horror movie I could watch in the next 24 hours.

  4. Julie Says:

    So, GG–

    You ARE going to go through with this friendship break-up, right? He sounds so incredibly manipulative it’s making my skin crawl. You are calling it “oblivious” (and maybe that is the correct term) but it sounds like manipulation to me. Good luck tonight. I’m rooting for you!

    • That’s interesting as I don’t see it as being manipulative. I just think he’s confused and a bit on the ‘take me at my word’ side since I am the big dumbass who told him that it didn’t bother me to hear about his dates and that he was dating (don’t ask me why) …..

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