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Since It’s Thursday…….. November 3, 2011

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You must run over to Dating Sauce to check out my 20 steps on how NOT to meet a man on the internet.  Or in life.  Or anywhere in between. 😉 It’s titled ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ …….. pretty spot on accurate, doncha think? 😉

Thursday also means that I have my appointment with the intuitive today!  You know, the nice lady that will look into her (non existent) crystal ball and tell me how awesome my future is looking in exchange for finger foods!  Yey me!  I originally scheduled her knowing full well I was ‘dumping’ TD on Halloween and leaving for a cruise on Saturday.  I did not expect to hear from TD between these 2 events, so I was fully wanting the intuitive to give me some insight into what I had in store as far as hearing from him again.  Huh, funny how that didn’t work out.  Now I guess I’ll have to hope she tells me that tonight goes well.  That when I answer the door and TD is standing there, our first official ‘non friend’ greeting won’t be awkward as hell.  No foreheads bonked, no noses schmooshed, no awkward one armed hugs while we both debate whether or not to go in for a kiss.  Oy, the crap that floats around my head on any given day is just ridiculous.  Anyway, as I am on the verge of getting fired from my craptastic 2nd job (and no, not for calling it craptastic) for being a complete and utter moron, I am hoping she has something encouraging about that to say as well.

All I know is that if she tells me I need cry more and that I have intimacy issues again, I may have to actually throw Swedish Meatballs at her!  I will be sure to post an update as soon as I can after meeting with her.  Which may not be until tonight.  AFTER my hot (?) date (?) with TD……… I think this might be the most awesome Thursday ever!  Or not.  Who knows.  I’m leaning towards the former though 😉


4 Responses to “Since It’s Thursday……..”

  1. I love your 20 steps… Hahaha. Hey…. we all get ourselves into a hot mess sometimes. That’s just part of being human.

    Lucky for YOU… it sounds like he’s coming around and realizing how amazing you are. I’m so happy about that.

    I can’t wait to hear about this first kiss. I. can. not. wait. I’m waiting here impatiently dying to hear all about it….

  2. Matthew Says:

    Former. Definitely the former.

    This is all speaking to the sofy within me. God, I’m such a sap. 😉

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