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Hold That Thought November 5, 2011

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So I leave today for my week long cruise.  As much as I have sooooo been looking forward to this, and absolutely need the break, I’m not thrilled with the timing.  Oh well, it will be good.  As it was a crazy week trying to get 7 days of work done in 4.5, converting my date-to friend-back to date 😉 and all else, I found myself still unpacked and with tons to do last night at 5pm.  Instead of hunkering down and just getting it done, I opted to go to TD’s to hang out with he and his kids for a couple of hours.  Yeah, a couple turned into almost 5 and I now have no idea what all I’ve thrown in my 50 lb suitcase.  Pretty sure I have no less than 15 dresses for 7 dinners, but whatever.  Selection is good, right?

As I won’t have interent access (I choose to make believe that it’s not available on board even though it is), I will not be posting, nor will I be able to keep up on all my favorite people in the blog world. 😦 Eh, I’ll get over it.

Have a wonderful week all and when I get back, I may even share with you all the amazing things that TD has been telling me and how I am seemingly already written into the family future.  Pretty amazing turn of events if you ask me.  Who knew a snarky, cynical, smart ass of a kissing whore could possible end up with the nicest man on the planet?  I’m a pretty lucky gal!

Miss ya’ lots!


4 Responses to “Hold That Thought”

  1. lifeandothermisadventures Says:

    Whew! Take it a day at a time… but enjoy it, too! I’m so excited for you.

  2. husbandhunter1 Says:

    Whoa! Where have I been! This is great news!!!!

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