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Perfectly Worded Horror Scopes……Considering November 18, 2011

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 4:55 pm

We all know that I don’t really believe in this stuff, but take a look at yesterday’s and today’s horrorscope for me, note the word ‘click’ on yesterday’s (uhm, kinda like online dating?) Along with the messages in both. Kinda scarily fitting………

Leo Nov 18 2011

Despite your current mood or outlook, which may be on the gloomy side, your life is getting better. You may not yet perceive the changes that are taking place, Leo, but in the next week or two, everything in your life will improve – and in some areas the improvement will be dramatic. You are just one click away from a whole new beginning, and it’s a wonderful beginning that includes a warm and wonderful relationship, a greater sense of personal fulfillment, and a wish or two coming true. —
Leo Nov 19 2011

You may be feeling a sense of doom and gloom, Leo. Something has gone wrong, and in light of this development it may seem that everything else is off-kilter. You are looking at the world through grey-colored glasses – the opposite of the rose-colored variety. But all you really need to do to shift your fortunes is to make one small, seemingly insignificant change. You probably know what this is. It has to do with a choice you made under pressure, or something you agreed to that didn’t align with your personal beliefs. Fix that, and you’ll fix everything.


One Response to “Perfectly Worded Horror Scopes……Considering”

  1. Emilie Says:

    The one from yesterday was better worded, however… they both mean the samething (I think). Dont worry, I am sure everything will trun out just fine and you’ll find that relationship that you are looking for. Sometimes these things just take time!!

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