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It’s A Conspiracy December 4, 2011

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So I took my non bf to go watch a good friend do stand up last night.  She was awesome, btw, and only the 2nd person in my world to meet the infamous TD.  We had a great time as usual with nothing awkward.  Oh, aside from the fact that 2 out of the 7 commedians asked what our relationship was.  Friends?  Married?  Dating?  Sleeping together? Nice…… You’ll all be proud of me because although I wanted to yell back ‘well that depends on which week we’re talking about’, which would have absolutely mortified TD, I didn’t.  I instead stared back.  With my mouth hanging open and having no idea what to say.  Needless to say they either thought I was a total bitch or a complete moron.  😉 Pretty accurate on both counts.

Odd happening at the show though.  TD grabbed my hand under the table and held it between his for a good 20 minutes.  No clue why he did that and although I certainly didn’t complain, I didn’t read anything into it either.  I’m guessing his hands were just cold.  After the show, we came back to my house where the dogs proceeded to maul the poor man before we settled into the couch to watch a movie.  And he proceeded to rub my back, my arm, and play with my hair ……… uh, whatever.  When it was time to go, I gave him a quick (as opposed to his normal overly lingering) hug and sent my sweet, conflicted ‘friend’ on his way.

Oh, and of course my awesome friend told me what a cute couple we make.  Uh DUH!  Too bad TD is too stupid to realize it. 😉



6 Responses to “It’s A Conspiracy”

  1. I hope you also gave him the double shoulder pat during the hug.

  2. datingcircus Says:

    He held your hand??? Talk about mixed messages! And OMG – I would have died at the comedy club!

  3. izziedarling Says:

    You’ve been on some kind of rollercoaster ride and have handled yourself perfectly. Hang in and hang on. It ain’t over.

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