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The Hangover Part 2 With A Side of WTF? December 20, 2011

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So of course last night was spent out with TD.  And funny that my bestest bloggy doppleganger has noted that I spend more time with my ‘faux’ bf than she does with her real one.  Truth be told, I spend more time with him that I do with anyone.  And I have the filthy and neglected house and other responsibilities to prove it.  Anywhoo, last night I went over around 4 to help him hang some blinds as he thinks I should know how to do these things for myself since I have properties.  I told him there is no need for such nonsense as long as I remember how to dial a phone, I can just call him to help me out when I need it. 😉  He didn’t agree.

Anyway, pre blind hanging, we went to happy hour (our favorite past time) and since he found out how much I adore sushi over the weekend, he took me to a great place by his house (even though he hates the stuff) where we proceeded to share 3 ginormous japanese beers and 3 accompanying little thingies of saki.  No, not 3 shot glasses of saki, that would be 3 of the little carafes of that amazing stuff.  Because really, who wants to learn how to use power tools while standing on the top rung of a step stool when your balance is questionable on the best of days totally sober?  So we stayed for a couple of hours, ate some great food, drank some great drinks, and had some great conversation.  As always.  And, as always, he had his ‘friend’ hand on my leg, on my arm, rubbing my back., whatever.  He even helped me on with my coat (I love that shit!).

So we go back to his place and hang the blinds.  After he almost lets me fall off the step ladder.  Not one of my finest moments, nor was it his and it almost ruined the night, but I digress.

For some reason, we decide that after 44 years of me not seeing it, I need to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Don’t ask, we were both a bit tipsy.  Well of course BB doesn’t have Rocky Horror so we end up with The Hangover Pt 2.  And go back to TD’s house where he turns on the fireplace (have I mentioned how much I LOVE fireplaces?), and proceeds to make this little nest.  He lays out a comforter on the floor and grabs about a bagillion pillows.  It was awesome.  And we proceeded to watch the movie………..kinda……

Best damn night I’ve had not actually doing anything beyond PG rated, because as much I wanted to ‘take it there’, I swore I would not be the one to make the move …… dammit ….. 😉

And today, of course, he’s called and texted all day.  And I’ve called and texted all day.  With him ………. and some other guy from match.  :-X Fuck it……. if he’s not going to make up his mind, then I’m shopping around ……..



4 Responses to “The Hangover Part 2 With A Side of WTF?”

  1. Serena Says:

    *Scratching my head trying to figure this out*

    So, GG, you aren’t a couple, right? Yet you act like a couple.

    You don’t want to ‘go there’ yet you go half (?) way?

    You are basically dating each other without actually dating.

    He’s touchy-feely with you, and you like it…..yet he’s unable to commit to you and you don’t stop it?

    You’re back on Match looking for someone to date eventhough the guy you are in a non-couple relationship with doesn’t want you to see other guys because you are non-dating him?

    So he gets to eat his cake, ice cream, juice, etc……and where does that leave you?!

    I’m confused as hell! 🙂

    I just hope you are happy and don’t get hurt in the end. You deserve better than that.

    • Well damn Serena, when you put it like that I sound like an idiot. 😉 you sure are good at calling me out on my shit. I KNOW how retarded this must all sound, as it does to me, I’m just still trying to figure it all out and not sure i’m doing anything right. For now though, i’m okay and yeah, I hope i’m not just kidding myself that i’m not going to end up hurt. I guess we’ll see.

      Thanks for being so awesome and looking out for me!

      • Serena Says:

        I wasn’t trying to call you out on your shit, lol…..I was just trying to sort it out for myself to understand. 🙂

        We all want what’s best for you…..so just do your thing but be careful. You know, the kiss with one eye open sorta thing.

        I just don’t get it though……he acts like he’s in a relationship with you. He even gets visibly upset when you tell him you’re going back on Match……but he can’t just commit to what he’s already committing too? Is he afraid of the ‘boyfriend’ title?

        Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re okay. And I hope you don’t get too deep into this until he’s there to throw you a rope.

        • If you’re able to get it sorted out S, please feel free to let me in on it. 🙂

          I hope I don’t get in too deep either as all you’ve said is completely accurate. So strange that he still considers us just ‘friends’ at this point…….. uhm, not so much. 😦

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