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Why Finger Foods & 2 Year Olds Give Me A Headache December 21, 2011

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No, not those delicious little one or two bit morsels that are so prevelant this time of year.  We all know I love those little suckers.  I mean finger foods as in my houseguest.  You know, the guy who invited me over for X-Mas dinner last year and proceeded to serve me assorted plates of food that not only had nothing to do with one another, but were all cut into little squares.  Smoked salmon, salami, ham, cheese ……. you get the picture as to why he’s earned the moniker that he has.  Anyway, he’s been here for 3 days.  And I have yet to figure out if he’s come to stay for the sheer fact of just being in town and having a place to stay, or if he came to try and woo me with his inability to clean up after himself and his penchant for playing 135 questions.  About everything. 

Now we all know that I could spend every waking hour with TD and never get bored or annoyed.  I was beginning to think that I had actually changed my ways in appreciating my ‘alone time’ and that maybe my bitchy edge was wearing off.  Yeah, that would be a big fat NO on both counts.  OMG!  Finger foods follows me around like a puppy dog and asks me a bagillion questions about everything.  Or nothing.  And even manages to insult me along the way.  He was quizzing me on my match.com profile (remember, that’s how I originally met him last year) and when I told him what it said and how I respond to some of my messages, he awesomely replied ‘gee, you sound like a bitch’.  Uhm, thanks?

So tonight he asks me if I want to go to dinner.  Being the food whore that I am, of course I agreed. 🙂 Duh.  While we’re at dinner, he asks me to dinner tomorrow night.  And Friday night.  Then wants to know what I’m doing on Christmas.  And New Year’s Eve.  Uhm………

On other fronts, I am meeting for ye’ ole’ lame assed coffee date tomorrow with some guy from Match who, although short-ish (5’10”), is hysterically funny.  I guess I can tear myself away from TD and FF for an hour, right? 😉


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