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Week One Update December 28, 2011

Filed under: bad dates,dating,internet dating,online dating,single — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 2:30 pm

So, since my unenthusiastic re-entry into the awesome world of online dating *gag*, I’ve actually gotten some very nice e-mails.  No one I’m head over heels for, but guys that seem polite and might offer nice distractions.  Pretty much my main requirement these days is that they not send me a picture of their er, toolbox and don’t comment on my lips or ‘rack’ (charming as that term is).  I met one guy for coffee last week and we had a great time.  Tons of laughs, but more of a friend vibe I think.  And no, not that kind of friend vibe either.  We’ve texted a few times and he actually hired me to make some dishes for him for x-mas day, so all around, I came out ahead.  Kinda like getting paid for a date without having to put out.  Hmmmm.   Anyway, here’s what I’m left with:

1) A very nice man who sent me a lovely message.  And who I couldn’t be attracted to, in the least, even after an entire vat of dirty martinis.  Sorry Cedric. 😦

2) The funny man who invited me to Mexico for New Years.  No people, I’m not that ‘devil may care’ that I’m going to cross international borders with some guy I’ve never met before.  I don’t care how nice his place is in Mexico. 😉  We may meet up next week.  In town.

3) A guy who doesn’t really drink and is a seeming health fanatic.  Little does he know that I’ll only agree to meet him if it’s in a bar.  Olives are healthy, right?

4) A guy with a girl’s name who just keeps announcing that he ‘gets weekends off from work’.  Makes me think he maybe drives the short bus.  Or rides it.  Or works retail.  Yey.

As you can tell, my requirements at the moment aren’t all that high.  Just high enough that I won’t want to kill myself in their company.  I should probably really figure out my own shit before inviting others in, but what fun would that be, right?



7 Responses to “Week One Update”

  1. Kat Richter Says:

    Oh Gray, you crack me up– that line about the short but had me literally LOLing 🙂 Good luck! And check WHERE short bus man may or may not work retail… might be worth it for the discounts!

  2. Ok…what the hell is up with a guy inviting you to Mexico? Is he serious? That is scarier than my woodguy stalker…or the facebook freak that I added that was jealous over me TALKING to my ex online when I had known him for about three days and hadn’t even met him yet…yikes…

  3. Just ride the wave that is online dating; attention, converstion, a few free drinks and hell yeah, olives are way healthy! If you get a good make-out session out of it well then there ya go! Mexico – who needs it, can’t drink the water anyway….

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