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What Do You Mean I Was Supposed To Share? December 31, 2011

So Thursday night was my big fucked up dinner party (give you a clue as to how it went?).  How someone who throws parties for a living and is so socially at ease with most people one on one can turn into such a freak of nature when faced with a small group is beyond me.  But it is me.

TD showed up around 4:30 and kept me company in the kitchen while I cooked.  And I fed him cocktails as I knew he’d be uneasy about having dinner with 2 new people.  Me and ‘my boys’ 😉 sounds easy right?  No, nothing in my world is easy, but whatever.  Everyone else showed up around 5:30 and we all stood around and talked in the kitchen for a while before sitting down.  I meant for dinner to be totally casual, but as I do things like this for a living and like things pretty, I set the dining room table.  No big deal, right?  Apparently I was wrong.  We had salads, then I cleared and plated dinner for everyone:  Beef Stroganoff over Wheat Pasta with Green Beans and a side of Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti Squash.  Yummy.  My neighbor was nice enough to bring dessert and Finger Foods bought wine.  TD asked what he could bring, and I said nothing, so that’s what he brought.  My ex, of course, showed up empty handed as expected and then complained that I didn’t have appetizers.  😦 As I had almost finished my entire bottle of awesome wine (Conundrum – try it!), I promptly gave the PC hostess response of ‘fuck off’ ’cause I’m awesome like that.

Dinner went fine.  All the boys got along and had a good time.  I just kinda watched and served.  Which is what I do when I’m uncomfortable with a situation.  So FF talked with neighbor, Ex talked with FF, TD talked to everyone.  Including a friend of his all throughout dinner that he had plans with later that night. 😦 No bueno.  As my wine was long by then I over-reacted and stomped upstairs.  Again, since I’m awesome like that.  As I had texted TD before my lovely immature exit with a ‘that’s annoying’ beforehand, he came up after me.  And that, my friends, is when we had our 2nd faux fight.

About why I made the dinner so ‘formal’.  It wasn’t.  About how sorry he was that he keeps disappointing me.  He kind of is.  About how he had no idea why I would invite everyone over.  My bad.  About how I invited them over not only to be nice, but also to show him that he’s not as socially awkward ‘around new people as he seems to think he is.  Oh, what’s that, TD?  You had no idea that I put that dinner together with you absolutely in mind?  Yeah, you’re welcome.  Anyway, it was stupid ‘debate’ and it ended with him apologizing and me getting a pity invitation to go out with he and his friend.  Which I turned down.  And then decided ‘fuck it’, I could use some additional cocktails on top of my entire bottle of wine. 🙂 So I went.  And had a good time.  Until I closed out the tab as a nice thing to do (closed out = paid for), to which TD was upset because he doesn’t like when I pay for anything and his shitty little friend was pissed because I closed the tab and he apparently wanted another drink.  What the fuck?!?  Such an asshole he is.  Of course he friend requested me on FB the next morning.  Yup, lucky me.

So as I went with TD to the bar from my house, he had to bring me home as well.  And stayed over.  And that, my dear friends, is all you get for today.  I hope you enjoyed my long overdue and exceptionally scattered and stilted post.  Possibly I’ll pull my head out of my ass in 2012. (but don’t count on it)

Have a safe an happy new year!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “What Do You Mean I Was Supposed To Share?”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti Squash? Any chance you’ll share the recipe? I make Spaghetti Squash all the time, but more like Thai food.

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