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Why I Hate Internet Dating, Reason #1,375,032 December 31, 2011

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Yup, it’s a love/hate relationship I have with internet dating.  Every tool, douchebag, grandfather and idiot seems to love me and I happen to hate when I allow someone past my radar that doesn’t deserve it.

Remember my coffee date with the really funny guy?  The snarky and smart and short(ish) one from Match.com that I spent all of an hour with?  Yeah, him.  We texted a couple of times and then nothing so I texted him today with an awesomely heartfelt ‘Gee, short guy (not really, but he doesn’t deserve a better nickname right now) I guess I shouldn’t have put that deposit down on a reception hall.  Happy New Year!”  To which transpired a few cute texts about him trying to engage me in ‘sexting’ and my not responding before.  Of course, I thought he was kidding so ignored the jab and made some smartass answer in response.  To which he brought up sexting again.  And again.  And then asked me what I was doing.  And wearing.  To which I ignored until………UNTIL….. he told me I needed to ‘relax’.  I HATE that.  Honestly, bugs the shit out of me more than using the word ‘moist’ in any context.  So in true passive aggressive fashion I send back:

“You’re right.  I do need to relax.  I’m sorry, my bad.  We did meet for an entire hour once.  Hang on and I’ll send you some naked pictures of myself……..”

To which I got back ‘LOL” ……….. dumb fucker

~ Anyway, I’m off to spend NYE with TD.  And he better give me a ‘real’ kiss at midnight.


4 Responses to “Why I Hate Internet Dating, Reason #1,375,032”

  1. Oh my god – this is my life you are living. Well, it was until a few days ago. Relax – a trigger word for me as well. My ex always used to say that to me. I had forgotten about it until last week when we were engaged in a “discussion” on the phone and he told me to relax – I thought I might reach through the phone and physically relax him via a sleeper hold!
    Love your response to short guy –

    Enjoy your midnight “kiss” ~
    Happy New Year 43!

  2. Kat Richter Says:

    Oh dear… and to think I actually kind of liked him after reading about your first date!

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