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Holding My Own January 3, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 10:27 am

Well, aside from the fact that auburn is a HORRIBLE hair color for me, I’m doing okay.  Lots of texts from TD and requests to come talk to me.  I have denied the later.  He feels horrible for hurting me (again) and he should.  I don’t even know how we got on the topic of future commitments.  I certainly didn’t bring it up.  The man is just terrified of making a mistake and being as I’m terrified of being a mistake, we’re just not meant to be.

Although having stopped short of eating the entire contents of my fridge/freezer/pantry, I did indulge in my fair share of wallowing over the past few days.  I need to stop that.  And to figure out what to do with the somewhat bright red head of hair i’m sporting.  Click may actually be right; with her singular vote for brown as that may be the only way to fix this shit.  I sure hope my hair doesn’t fall out.  Although auburn just isn’t my color, i’m pretty sure that bald would be even worse. 😉


10 Responses to “Holding My Own”

  1. Ahem. Red hair is just The Best. Of course, maybe it only works on an exclusive clique… 🙂

    • haha SD. I’m a big fan of the gingers, but apparently somewhat bright red doesn’t look right on me ……. unless I’m looking for a career change…… into being a carney 🙂

  2. Way to go. I vote to stand on your own. Definitely feel happy for you. Life is too short to pine after someone who doesnt appreciate you for what you are. I once heard someone say before – learn to cherish yourself first and eventually someone will come to cherish and appreciate the goodness you have 🙂 Happy New Year!

  3. datingcircus Says:

    Hey, we have room at the circus GG!!! Nothing like haircuts to deal with….men. TD is an idiot. Oops did I say that aloud?? Hope he will get his head out of his arse before I do steal you and employ you to become a ringmaster over here!

    Happy New Year GG, This is YOUR year!

  4. Well, I’m not an exclusive clique, I’m just a regular ol’ click, but brown it may have to be… Just wait a few days 😉

  5. Isobel Says:

    No making fun of redheads! 😦 LOL– there are a few ways to take care of the color, you can tone it down by doing 2 hot oil treatments (over two consecutive days, it strips the color from your hair, and replaces/adds moisture) OR you can use a temp brunette hair color which will be nicer to your hair,The red will fade out from under the brunette I’ve dyed my hair several colors over the years and PRELL shampoo will also take out just about anything, but its HARSH. Good luck 🙂

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