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Really? 26 is What You Came Up With? January 3, 2012

Filed under: bad dates,dating,internet dating,online dating,single — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 9:00 pm

I’m not talking age. Or reasons to dislike online dating. Or even number of cocktails that were consumed on New Year’s Eve. (btw, a little tip from me to you is to never and I mean NEVER, have a relationship annihilating conversation after sucking down 4 beers, 2 vodka sodas and an entire bottle of Italian sparkling wine. I’m just sayin’……..)

I was actually torturing myself perusing the horrific awesome dating cesspool options on Match today and came across a few cute guys.  Who had no less than 26 pictures posted of themselves.  Really?  26?  Is that all you could come up with?  Pictures of themselves on the beach.  Pictures of themselves at a bar.  Pictures of their summer vacation.  Pictures of scenery.  Pictures of random wildlife.  Pictures of their favorite car.  Pictures of themselves from every conceivable angle.  Not sure why they stopped short of posting their 3rd grade class picture, but for whatever reason they did.  I have to think that there’s something definitely wrong with someone who feels the need to post so many pictures of themselves.  Narcisistic?  Tour guide?  Lame?  Boring?  Maybe they’re just plain annoying.  To me at least …….. Thank goodness none of the 26 were of themselves, shirtless, in the bathroom mirror though. 😉


6 Responses to “Really? 26 is What You Came Up With?”

  1. silly_G Says:

    Shit, whats up with that. And the pictures of their pets!! I saw a 26 pix guy the other day. All the holiday pictures of him on the beach had his ex’s (Im assuming his ex) toes in bottom of frame. She was taking them from her lounger

    • haha! Classic with the toes in the pictures!

      • silly_G Says:

        I actually just messaged him after making that comment. “Looks like a great holiday spot? Is that Cuba? Hey, do you know the shade of that nail polish? Its a great pink!”. No response yet, but I am keeping watch to see if he deletes (or crops) the pictures. Ohhh… I smell the blooming of a great passive aggressive online dating game!!! Anyone interested in playing?

  2. What about the guys posing with the fish? What the hell is that about? Like any woman is going to find him holding a fish, of any size, attractive. Ugh.

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