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OMG, I’m One Of Them January 4, 2012

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So i’ve been back on match for a few weeks now and have been assailed contacted by every douchebag within a 40 mile radius.  And their fathers.  Yey me.  To make matters worse, I recognize probably 80% of the faces.  No, not as in I actually went out with them, but as in they’ve been on the site forever and a day.  I mean really?  Whay kind of loser can be online for so long and still not have found anyone?  Oh, wait…………… 😦


10 Responses to “OMG, I’m One Of Them”

  1. husbandhunter1 Says:

    My hand just shot up – Meeeeeeee!

  2. That is why I can only take it for about a month at a time…or until I crush on someone and think and hope, maybe just maybe???? Up down up down up down – online dating, it’s like a catholic church service!

  3. You’re not a loser. In fact it actually shows that you are one of those people who is willing to give even the shittiest of experiences a second chance. It shows you’re hopeful. Right? That possibly someone NOT a douchebag has signed up since you departed the last time, because I know damn well you got a gazillion emails from Match telling you just how many men had signed up since your departure. I know I have.

  4. silly_G Says:

    There was a couple pof women planning a singles dance for NYE in our city. Members since 2006. My heart dropped right into my gut…

  5. tat2dmomma Says:

    Looks like Match is the same where ever you go….GREAT! haha no sarcasm here or anything. I’m really not actively looking to date right now but kept my profile up, ummm just in case….Honestly though, I couldn’t be more tired of crappy one liner emails and the perpetual wink. Over it! Nevermind who is generating these communications from the other end. Sometimes I wonder if 95% of people are blind and dumb when I see who is contacting me. Not that I am something so breathtaking, but….I certainly have standards. hehe.

  6. I know the feeling. See the same faces over and over and over. Shit. And they’re probably thinking the same thing about me. I’ve yet to figure out why I can’t find someone decent. Dating sucks.

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