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Full Moon Still? February 12, 2012

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So I do believe that since my pity 6 month membership with awesome match ends in 2 short weeks they may be stepping up their game.  I have had NO action (figuratively or literally) from there to speak of in weeks.  Not that I’ve been trying mind you, but still.  I mean, I think I could pretty much have naked pics of me up there and I still wouldn’t around the slightest bit of attention from the male species (again, sadly, meant figuratively and literally).  All of a sudden though, yesterday hits and they must be running some sort of promotion on my behalf.  As in ‘feign interest in the loser woman ’cause her membership expires soon and we want her to renew…………again.’.

Anyway, yesterday I not only received a message from a totally inappropriately aged idiot, but also a fairly decent looking fellow who clearly has commitment issues (yey me) AND from Red Onesie AND from FWB, who I haven’t heard from in over a year.

Now, FWB sent me a message via match.  Silly boy.  Red Onesie, however, sent me a text message.  A nice one.  Basically asking if I was still single, apologizing for being an idiot and wanting to know if I’d give him a second chance.

Huh ………… no clue what I’ll do with any of these contacts.  KInd off odd that I hear from 2 blasts from the pasts in the same day.  Maybe they’re desperate for a valentine’s date and think they’ll get luck?  Maybe they miss me?  Maybe they lost a bet?  Who knows………..for now, though, I’m off to Vegas for a couple of days to try and have some fun …….


6 Responses to “Full Moon Still?”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    I’ve had this happen too. I think the universe has a sense of humor. Enjoy your time in Vegas!

  2. JennyExiled Says:

    I absolutely think men have some sense of spidey sense that tingles that prompts them to contact old flames in unison. My “blasts from the past” usually crawl out of the woodwork en masse right after I start dating someone new.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  3. rantywoman Says:

    I’m always annoyed when men say or write that women are “inundated” with emails on online dating sites. Uh, not if you are over 30, and certainly not over 40. thebitterbabe.wordpress.com

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