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The Votes Are In! February 23, 2012

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So those of you nice enough to weigh in on my 6 day plight with my match membership will be none to surprised to find out that it’s now 5 days.  And that I still don’t know what I’m going to do about things.  Things being vodka consumption, refrigerator consumption, fishing for tools, online hair pulling (that just sounded dirty), never talking to TD again, never dating again, turning into a lesbian or anything else at this point.  As I’m back on that stupid HCG diet, no worries about the vodka and fridge consumption as those aren’t allowed.  Boo.  As for tool fishing online, well, who knows.  I haven’t actually been on an official internet date since September.  With the lovely tall gentleman that looked everywhere but at me while talking.

Just to add some fun to my TD plight, he text messaged me a picture last night.  Of Michael Bubble’!  TD is in CA for work and ended up in the same bar as him!  I forgot for a minute that I’m supposed to not be talking to him/trying to be mad at him/cursing his name and instead turned into a giddy schoolgirl.  Awesome.  To muddy things even more, his son text messaged me with some girl problems yesterday and we went back and forth for the good part of an hour.  Pretty cool that his son would think to ask me.  I guess being as he likes a girl who doesn’t necessarily like him back as much, he figured I’d be the expert on such scenarios. 😉 As we were texting, I inquired as to how my very custom created Simms character was doing.  After all, he was nice enough to create me and have me marry his dad.  *sigh*  Unfortunately I was informed that I passed away during childbirth and when I inquired if they at least sprung for a nice funeral for me instead of burying me in the backyard next to the guinea pig, I was told that ‘he just left me at the hospital for them to deal with the body’.  Uhm, ouch.

Anyway, back to the reason for the stilted and headache inducing post.  I have a date on Saturday night.  With the 6’4″ 51 year old.  Yey?  He seems nice enough and actually planned a real date.  To a comedy club.  Bonus points there.  He also wanted to know if I wanted to do dinner before or after the show and I’m trying to politely decline that option.  We all know how I feel about dinner dates.  I guess I should actually look at his pics again and read his profile.  I’m a giver like that.  It is nice of him though to have TD’s same 1st name.  At least I won’t get busted for calling him **** by mistake.  😉 However, I am dreading putting his number in my phone as each time I see a text or a call from ****, I’m going to hope/wish it was from the other one. 😦

Damn this sucks.  I’d usually whine to my best friend about such things………..oh, wait …….


7 Responses to “The Votes Are In!”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    I think you are in need of a hug. ((( ))) Consider yourself cared about today.

  2. 1smiles Says:

    I think you could use a hug. ((( ))) Consider yourself cared about today.

  3. silly_G Says:

    vote not to renew for a while. its so flipping depressing to wade through that crap! take a break, but get a bunch of leads first though 😉

  4. Matthew Says:

    He left the body at the hospital for them to deal with. HA! That just made my day…well…until I’m given my pay check…then that will make my day.

    Reminds me of one night when one of my roommates (and myself) got some snacks [Funyuns, Twizzlers and cocktails] and played Sims almost all night while listening to Carrie Underwood’s first album (what? it’s good!).

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