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2.5 Days Left February 25, 2012

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Yup, that’s right, my pity membership to match ends on Monday.  Now, not knowing if that means Monday morning or Monday evening creates a bit of a dilemma for me.  In that I’ve actually messaged a couple of guys.  One is 6’3″ and lives pretty far from me but sent me a very funny initial message regarding competing for inane Brady Bunch knowledge.  As we all know, I heart all things Brady.  Don’t judge me, I just do.  There is a 2nd guy who messaged me this morning saying that I was very attractive and had a great smile.  Okay, so not the most information filled message, but I’ll take all the compliments I can get right now.  Especially since when I ran a search, TD came up and guess who was ‘online now!’? 😦  Anywhoo, the dilemma is when/if to send out another way for them to contact me after Monday.  Does that seem desperately lame?  As we all know that I am kinda desperately lame, I guess it doesn’t really matter ………. Oh, and the compliments guy, who is 5’11” (or so he says) is a lawyer which is usually a recipe for disaster with me as that means he’s argumentative and heaven forbid I pass up the opportunity for a good debate ;-).  Anyway, he messaged me about 30 minutes ago and while I would usually play the ‘make ’em wait for a reply’ game, I felt I didn’t have much time, so replied right away.  Oh goody!  I AM desperately lame!  Yey me!

Oh!  And my comedy club date tonight with tall 51 year old?  He hasn’t confirmed.  Or sent me his number even though I sent him mine.  As I’m not a ginormous fan of being stood up, I sent him a message via match asking if we’re still on for tonight but really?  Shouldn’t that be his job? *sigh* I kinda hate men right now……


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