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Boring = Mysterious? February 29, 2012

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I guess I really haven’t bored my tall East valley suitor off with my impressive lack of enthusiasm or anything of the least bit personal or interesting in my messages.  After not hearing from him yesterday he must have panicked (ha!) and has sent me 3 messages so far today.  Via my ‘real’ e-mail address of course since the ‘big brother’ of messaging sites no longer wants me hanging around contacting members unless I’m willing to pay.  Which I’m not.  Yet.  Anywho, today’s messages have been pretty funny.  Snarky and stupid and lame as hell.  Just like me.  He’s back in town tomorrow night, so we’ll see if he actually steps up to the plate and asks me out.  Which I will be less than thrilled about (sorry tall East valley guy, you do seem nice, just not my type and let’s face it, not TD), but I will go.  When I have time.  Or the inclination.  😉


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