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Do I Really Want To Roll White Trash? March 1, 2012

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No smart-asses, I’m not talking about my wonky tattoo that I got yesterday.  Or the fact that I immediately went to meet my sister for lunch where I proceeded to stuff my face full of delicious sashimi.  Which is not on my uber strict diet.  Diet be damned, we’re talking sushi here and It’s not like I had any rice.  Oh, sorry, got a bit sidetracked.  So we all know that Red Onesie text messaged me a few weeks ago and wanted to meet back up.  What you don’t know is that I actually spoke with him on the phone right after that.  He was nice and polite and apologetic and almost had me thinking I had misjudged him.  Until he asked …………. ‘did we ever actually meet?’.  Really fuckwad?  I laughed and told him how amazingly flattered I was by that question and he proceeded to explain that he only met one woman last time he was on match.  She was tall and blonde and they had tons of drinks at happy hour and then he had an awesome make out session with her in the parking lot.  Uh yeah.  That was me.  Only I remember it differently, but whatever.  Regardless, he got put back into the douchebag folder.  But he kept texting.  And me, being the passive aggressive bitch extraordinaire, kept responding.  And setting up times to meet.  And then cancelling.  No clue why I’m so amazingly immature sometimes, but apparently I am.

I hadn’t heard from him in about 10 days (since the last time I cancelled on him).  He must have missed me ’cause he texted today with ‘good morning.  r u still alive?’.  And as if we hadn’t missed a beat, started texting back and forth when it happened.  He wanted to set up a time to meet again.  I told him I was booked all weekend with friends but suggested maybe Monday.  And actually, due to the fact that I need distractions and won’t be drinking anyway thanks to my nazi diet, I should be fairly well behaved.  You know what he responded?  Neither do I ………. he never answered back.

I’d like to say I’m sad that I will not be reuiniting with Red Onesie but really, I can’t.  I mean the man parties in his garage with his neighbors.  Every weekend.  I don’t roll like that…………


5 Responses to “Do I Really Want To Roll White Trash?”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Leave him in the folder.

  2. OMG you crack me up! Lawd help us when we are on a passive aggressive texting roll –
    Yeah, I’d keep him in the folder too – fun for messing around with over text and what have ya but really, more than that? Probably not.

    By the way, it is I, 35 Maple…new addy – knock on THIS door – k, the old house is vacant!

  3. Thank god I have HOAs that do not allow having your garage door up and hanging out for any length of time.

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