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Uhm, Isn’t That The Point? March 26, 2012

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So as I’ve ruled out The Hunter as a potential purchaser of free drinks for me date due to his stellar taste in photographs to post of himself, I was left with one other potential douchebag option.  He actually seemed normal (damn, how my standards have changed) in that he could carry a ‘conversation’ and was always very quick to respond to my messages.  Hell, he even had decent pics.  And one even in a suit!  Okay sure, one actually was of him in a swim suit, but there was also one of him in a business suit.  Sure, he was on Plenty of Freakin’ Idiots, but so was I, so maybe he’d be the one normal one?  Anyway, after a few days of lame banter back and forth he suggested we meet up for a drink ‘sometime’.  I, being the lush fearless one in meeting all guys internet related replied with a ‘sure, I’d love to meet up’.  I even went so far as to put the ball back in his court by adding ‘my schedule is fairly flexible next week, so just let me know what works for you’.  And like clockwork *poof*  he’s gone.  Nope, not his profile, just his responses.  He never answered back.  At first I figured maybe he only  plays internet dating dumbass from work, so it didn’t bother me that I didn’t hear from him over the weekend.  Then I pulled my head of my ass and figured oh wait, maybe he only plays internet dating dumbass from work so that his wife and kids don’t catch him on there at home.  Yeah, that sounds much more accurate!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the point of being on a dating site to actually meet people?  I can’t tell you how many times guys have seemed so funny and nice and normal until it comes time to actually man up and meet.  And they disappear.  So very strange to me………..then again, most of what I’ve encountered online over the past 2 years has been.

Back to the drawing board……….. and by drawing board, I mean online dating cesspool 😉



18 Responses to “Uhm, Isn’t That The Point?”

  1. I’ve missed you! I was so happy to see a post from you today!

  2. I’ve experienced this disappearing act one too many times as well. What is the deal? Why do they bring up the “meet up” if they’re not going to follow through? I feel like we make it SO EASY for them by helping them along with hints, nudges, elbows to the ribs like, “Anytime works for me! Just let me know!” (I do the same thing.) It honestly couldn’t be easier for them. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

  3. everevie Says:

    Consider yourself lucky…you probably dodged another bullet. If he can’t follow through with an email to pick a date…he’s prolly a douche. 😦

  4. Dan C Says:

    Love reading your blog, a cup of coffee and a few entries a day for the past few days and I think I am caught up. :o)

    Maybe he ejected himself so he wouldnt have to rejected by you, Something I have done unfortunately. However, That is no excuse for not calling. Allthough based on my limited experience on Plenty of “Freaks” your initial impression is prob correct.

    I always assumed it was easier for women on dating sites. It is oddly discouraging and encouraging at the same time to know that its not just me.

    • Hi Dan. Thanks for not throwing your computer out the window when you saw another whiny post from me. 😉

      I think we’ve all been the ones to reject in order to avoid being rejected, but really? To not even meet up initially?

      Sadly it’s not any easier for women on dating sites but it is nice to know that we’re not alone in this, right?

      • Dan C Says:

        “Thanks for not throwing your computer out the window when you saw another whiny post from me.”

        I have had a lot of the same “whiney” thoughts regarding this online dating thing. You would think that being a tall, decent looking, employed, non-creepy guy who is not afraid to use spell check would have an easier time online. but alas no. I think for both women and men, the goods ones get lost in the noise of all the creepsters and flakes. (well I hope) You know the squeaky wheel thing? Also There is a huge difference between being a good man/woman and being the right man/woman. That helps me stay optimistic, but sometimes for my own sanity I just have to take a break from online dating and take a dance class or something.

  5. L. K. Says:

    I liken it to “you didn’t need him that bad anyway.” and “Better now than later when you’ve already gotten yourself wrapped up in him.” – both of which have been my favorite words of wisdom from my girlfriends over the years.

    Never judge the entire male population by the jerks, scumbags and rapists out there. There are some very nice ones who really aren’t taken – seems far and few between, but remember they are going through the same crap in their search for the perfect mate themselves. In the meantime, enjoy life for what it is worth and when you’re not looking and are truly happy with your life, it’s more than bound to occur.

    One Who Knows and Had For the Most Part, Given Up

  6. silly_G Says:

    So many people seem to be on there just for easy ego-stroking and creeping pics. Makes my skin crawl sometimes

  7. kluckmeister Says:

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the point of being on a dating site to actually meet people?”

    Unfortunately I know a lot of guys where that isn’t really the main goal… or maybe fortunately depending on what you’re actually on the site for. I kid.

    • Hiya Kluck! The mindset of some people just amazes me. Aren’t there chat rooms for people who just want to dick around? I know you’re kidding, btw. I just never knew I was in the minority of people that are actually online dating in order to online date 😉

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