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Which Is Better? Or Worse? April 4, 2012

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Kind of the glass being half full vs. half empty.  I try to keep my glass half full, but lately, it seems to have turned itself into a dribble cup.  Damn. 😉  Anyway, not saying that this is me asking as we all know that my maturity level is waaaay too high for such immature shenanigans, but I promised a friend I would pose the question.  As I don’t want to embarrass anyone, I will throw out the question in my typically lame ‘hypothetical’ fashion.

So, hypothetically of course, we all know that my ‘friend’ likes to check up on a certain someone’s profile on Match.  This friend used to get upset every time she’d see that he was online but then figured out that it was actually a good thing that he was online!  If he had actually met someone who he was interested in, he’d most likely have her private contact information and contact her via phone, e-mail, or the uber romantic and universal online dating communication method of choice………. text message.  So this friend stopped getting sad when she would see him online and instead was pretty happy about it.  My friend would go days and days without checking but kinda hit a bit of pothole and checked the other day.  And every day since then.  She saw that he was ‘online now!’ just yesterday and was a bit peeved.  Most active members go in to update their profiles daily so that it shows ‘active within 24 hours’, which he had done consistently every day, like clockwork in March.  Tonight when ‘she’ logged on to check, it said that he hadn’t been active for 3 days.  Uhm, being as we all know my friend is actually me and that I have the most overactive and craptastic sense of imagination ever, does that mean that he met someone? 😦

Yeah, I know.  I shouldn’t even care.  He needs to meet someone that he likes if he’s ever going to figure out that no one holds a candle to me.  I get that part.  I also get that that may not happen.  He may meet someone and live happily ever after with her.  I also get that I need to concentrate on my own dating and not his.  As most men annoy the crap out of me lately though, it’s much easier to just hang out with my doggies and do fun stuff with friends.

As we know that there’s no way in hell that I’m going to concentrate on me when I can be driving myself nuts with possibilities to what his lack of updating his profile means, I’ve come up with some options:

1) His membership expired in March (makes sense as it’s April 4, right?) so he can’t log on to his account to update

2) He met someone who blows his socks off 😦

3) He hasn’t met anyone that blows his socks off and is just on a break

4) He’s trying to work up the nerve to come grovelling back to me to admit that he was a stupid ass

5) He did have minor surgery on Monday (don’t ask how I know), so hasn’t felt up to updating things

6) He’s so disgusted with women after internet dating for a month and a half that he’s decided to switch teams and be gay

So what do we all think?  No, I have no desire to hear what a loser I am for checking.  We all know that already.  I can’t decide if I hope that he actually met someone so he can just get it over with and I can stop keeping any hope alive or if I hope he’s on a break which will just extend his wishy washy attitude towards relationships (with me or anyone).  And yes, I’m pretty well aware that the ‘real’ reason for his ‘active within 3 days’ is simply that he’s forgotten to update it like he usually does and I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.  Too bad I can’t earn a living doing that as I’m DAMN good at it. 😉


oh, and a special p.s. to Evie who made a comment the other day on one of my lame posts about a little ‘game’ and I ridiculously replied that I don’t play games.  We all know that’s a lie.  I just don’t like to, but if push comes to shove, I can play with the best of them.  I just usually opt out.  Usually ……….

oh, uh, erm ……….. it’s now 20 minutes after I made this post and yes, I’m just lame enough to have checked again (what? you’re surprised?) and he’s back to ‘online now!’ ………… no clue if i’m happy or what …….. actually pretty sure I’m still just an idiot 😉


10 Responses to “Which Is Better? Or Worse?”

  1. Kat Richter Says:

    Step away from the computer!

  2. Matthew Says:

    You need your own Lifetime movie. 😉

  3. 1smiles Says:

    I DO like the Lifetime Movie idea.

  4. Get off the computer, get your butt out and about….and get your flirt on!
    If a man wants you, nothing will get in his way. If he doesn’t, nothing will make him stay.

  5. everevie Says:

    I’m pretty sure that your constant advice to me with HD was: “Defriend him on FB!!”…so I did exactly what you said! (Okay…fine…I waited until he was lying in someone else’s bed to take your advice…but still…I did it!)

    So…I suggest you block his profile on Match. You can’t see him…he can’t see you. It will set you freeeeee! Lol.

    • I’m sorry, what did you say? I’m having a hard time hearing you over all this background noise ;-p

      I know, I know …… I need to block him……… BUT not until I get a new profile up and he sees it 🙂

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