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Every Man’s Dream Date April 6, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 7:40 pm

Friday Night:  Happy hour and a trip to Home Depot. And I can cook!  How the hell am I still single?

Now, if anyone is local and wants to bring his electric drill over to help me out with my newly acquired purchase, I would appreciate it.  No you dirty minded pervs, a real drill; one that screws things into walls……..oh wait, I’m not helping my cause here.  You know what I mean.  Although the non-home improvement variety would be much appreciated as well.  😉

And totally off topic; what do we think about putting this pic up on my still to be created new and improved (?) match.com profile?


(entirely kidding of course……………. kind of)


16 Responses to “Every Man’s Dream Date”

  1. everevie Says:

    Daaaaaaaayum!!! If that’s you….put that shit UP on Match.

  2. I own a drill, just in case no one with a penis volunteers……… 🙂

  3. stevesw Says:

    Interesting…shame I live so far away. Here’s a suggestion if you want to advertise your handyman need on Craigslist, rather than “drill”, ask for a man with a “quick recharging driver drill,” they are far more versatile around the house. 😉 And, at least from this guy’s helpful, selfless opinion, pictures do say so much more than mere words, so please feel free to post on the blog any pictures of yourself to gage for our opinions. 🙂

  4. Janet in Philly Says:

    GG: Have you looked into nerve.com dating? I bet that photo would bring a lot of guys with ‘drills’ out of the woodwork over there. :- )
    BTW, I emailed you about e-Horror-me on Wednesday – check your spam filter!

    • Janet, I can’t find your e-mail 😦 please please please resend it so I can (hopefully) read what a good date is like? 😉

      And yes, I’m sure posting that pic would get me lots of amazingly questionable responses………. methinks I’m not going to want to find out

  5. kluckmeister Says:

    I can’t take my eyes of that ridiculously bomb… tatoo what is that a sunflower? 😛

  6. lafinwitu65 Says:

    Isnt that the female version of the shirtless ab photo I hear women complain about guys putting on their profiles?
    I personally skip over the profiles that have pics like that, but than again I am still looking, maybe I need to reconsider. That is hot…hmmm?

    You dont strike me as “that girl”

    P.S. Have toolbox (including drill) will travel/work for food… :0)

    • OMG, I would NEVER post a pic like this on my profile (and wouldn’t have even posted it on here had it not been for being over-served at happy hour) 😉

      Thanks for the offer of your toolbox, btw ;-p

      • lafinwitu65 Says:

        “had it not been for being over-served at happy hour”

        Thats the sort of thing that keeps life interesting, :o)

        After one too many surprise packages in the mail, (most recent was the Esteban teach yourself guitar with DVD). I banned myself from late night infomercials after a night of drinking, it could be worse right??

  7. Discopants Says:

    If you wanna, send me your whole profile…I’d love to give you my 2 cents.

  8. Pammy Girl Says:

    I wish my stomach looked like that!!!

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