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Tall Blonde Jews Needed April 14, 2012

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Ooooh, maybe I should make that the ‘headline’ for my (yet to be created) new match profile!  As I haven’t even started on it though, I apparently have some time to decide before my self-imposed end of the month deadline hits.  Not that anyone on match will give two shits if I’m back on again or not (oh look!  it’s that sad lady who’s been on here for 2 years already…… i wonder what’s wrong with her?).  You know who does want me to rejoin their website though?  Nope, not that craptastic E-Harmony thing.  As they were nice enough to explain to me how amazingly superficial I must be for doubting their highly advanced personality matching techniques (which, from what I could discern consisted of having monkeys throw darts at a wall of photos) in sending me every 5’6″ guy within a 100 mile radius, I will not be making that mistake again.  Nope, not Chemistry either (which is just a slight bit better than craptastic e-harm).  It’s the bane of my existence as far as internet dating sites go.  The home of every short, unattractive, nappy haired momma’s boy in town.  That’s right, JDate has been harassing me again.  They must be running short of tall, blonde, blue-eyed Jews who don’t look Jewish. 

I can’t get them to stop sending me e-mails!  E-mails with ‘matches’ *gag*.  E-mails with subscription specials.  E-mails about their ‘fun’ summer trip.  And here’s the thing about those pushy Jews;  you can’t just unsubscribe to e mails like most spammy things allow you to do.  Nope, you have to log into JDate (yes, that would be the account I created almost 7 years ago that I can’t figure out how to get rid of) and re-set your e-mail preferences.  Which I’ve done.  No less than a dozen times!  Maybe I should tell them I joined Jews for Jesus?


4 Responses to “Tall Blonde Jews Needed”

  1. stevesw Says:

    GGD, you don’t even have to be a former member for sites to contact you on a regular basis. I get weekly emails from eHorrorme and the Ugly Bug Ball (the UK site for aesthetically challenged people). The Ugly Bug Ball emails do not bother me because I know I am desirable, otherwise, why would I get emails from hot, eager women I can not even remember. Like the ones I receive from Olivia Clanton and her friends; subject: “This is Olivia, I’m in town. SHALL WE MEET? – I am back in town. Remember me? Http:…Olivia-clanton.info”

  2. everevie Says:

    Hey now…some monkeys are reeeeally talented at throwing darts. Actually if e-harmony put the dart-throwing monkeys into my matches, I’d like it better. As it stands…the only person I’ve talked to on there after nearly 3-months, is my old friend Preacher Man.

    Why not just give J-Date what they want? Maybe they’ve finally found the elusive Tall, Blonde, Jewish man? The chupacabra…as P-Stang would say. LOL!

    • Uhm, I think I had all of one date off of my anything but productive 3 months on e-harm ……. and he didn’t realize that he was gay!

      If only there were such a thing as a tall, blonde, attractive Jewish man …….. sadly, they were discontinued back in the 50s 😉

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