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Taking The Plunge…………..Again April 16, 2012

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Yey me!  I received a nice (form) message from a cute guy on OkStupid!  Well, it’s was mostly nice.  Aside from the fact that he referred to me as an ‘older woman’ (he’s 37) and alluded to the fact that his deep voice would make him awesome at phone sex.  As I’m not all that quick on the uptake these days I clicked on his profile only to find that yup, he’s looking for a good time.  Under ‘what you’re good at’, he put ‘i’m confident in my ability to please women’.  Uhm, ick.  That may be so Mr. Ricko Suave, but if all I want is to get laid, I’ll go stake out my local bar.

So we all know that I’ve given myself an ‘end of April’ deadline to get a profile back up on Match *gag*.  Well guess what today was?  Today was me being an overachiever and realizing that there is absolutely no reason on god’s green earth to keep putting off doing it.  My last ‘real’ shitty date was back in September.  Well, that is, aside from the funny little man who apparently just wanted to a sexting buddy back in November.  Since then I’ve been back and forth with TD, hung out with friends, spent time with my dogs and family (not all of them, mind you; just the ones that don’t want to make me throw myself off my roof).  I’ve been working a lot and working on myself a lot.  I’m okay with being alone and being productive.  I’d just rather be productive with someone who thinks I’m the shit.  I’m back talking to TD, but that’s just not good enough for me.  If I’m ever going to find the man that makes me one day go ‘TD who?’, I need to get cracking.  And believe me, I would like nothing better than to have TD be but a distant memory.  Plus, being a bit competitive by nature, I want to find someone before he does.  Yup, I’m a peach.  An immature one for sure, but oh well.

So I did it.  I created an entirely new profile.  It states who I am, who I’m looking for and what I’m hoping for.  It has all new pics; an all new headline and ………… an entirely new account!  Yey!  After 2 years of not being able to figure out that putting up my same profile/membership as before puts me right back down at the bottom of the list, I went the extra mile (okay, more like millimeter) and started from scratch.  Am I excited about online dating again?  Uhm, not really but then again, who really is?  Am I excited about the prospect of actually meeting someone who thinks I’m as great as I think they are?  Hell yes I am!

And let’s be honest here.  We all know that when I’ve been talking to TD I’ve been telling him about all my happy hours and dinners and whatnot with ‘new friends’ which he knows is code for ‘date’.  Let’s see if I can now create stories out of reality instead of my vivid imagination!


7 Responses to “Taking The Plunge…………..Again”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Fingers crossed for you!

  2. silly_G Says:

    Lol good luck finding some non-imaginary dates to inform him about! I just call that imaginary stuff being mysterious 😀

  3. Zella Says:

    Looking forward to reading what lies ahead…..maybe I’ll get encouraged and will follow your example…best of luck 🙂

  4. silly_G Says:

    Book 2… Hell I’ll come last minute 😀 So sick of planning trips where I know months ahead of time I will either be heartbroken or distracted to enjoy!

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