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So I Didn’t Actually Join………………..Yet April 17, 2012

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I have my new and improved (?) profile up on Match, but I haven’t actually subscribed yet.  Pictures (no, not the bathing suit tattoo one – there’s no way in hell I’d ever put that on my profile) and verbiage have been given 2 thumbs up by the 2 friends I showed it to.  I’m just not sure how long I want to join for.  Do I want to do the 3 month or the 6 month with the loser clause?  If I do the 6 month, aren’t I just admitting that it will take me longer than 3 months to find someone?  If I do the 6 month with the loser clause, aren’t I just admitting that I’ll need the additional 6 months pity membership in order to find someone?  Of course, the one month membership isn’t even an option.  I mean really, have you not read back to the start of this blog when I actually dated ………… everyone in town?

As I haven’t actually ‘joined’ yet, I can’t see my e mails or contact anyone.  I can see that my profile has been viewed 176 times already since last night.  That I’ve been the recipient of 28 winks and 13 e-mails.  I guess if I keep putting off actually joining, I will feel really popular when I finally can read all my e mails.  And they better not all be from 67 year old men and 28 year old pervs.  Oh wait ………. Actually, as I just got reamed by my boss at job #2, the old guy with good insurance benefits and ill health might be a good option for me as I might soon be in need of a sugar daddy to supplement my income. 😉

So, what does everyone think?  3 months or 6 months?  And do I want the extra special green rimmed page in order to make my profile stand out?

Oh, and I did get a message from a funny guy on OkStupid that wants to meet and I’m totally game for it.  Problem is that I’m booked this weekend and only have Friday free.  He’s already booked on Friday.  Boo.  Stay tuned for this one…… (as if anyone cares) 😉


12 Responses to “So I Didn’t Actually Join………………..Yet”

  1. i say think positive thoughts and go for the 3 month membership over the 6 month membership 🙂

  2. lafinwitu65 Says:

    You have to do the 6 month deal, that way your certain to meet “the one” in your first month.

    Best of luck, I am off all of them for now and living vicariously through you, have fun for both of us.


    • Hahaha, that would be classic! Sadly, that’s not my luck with internet dating (and I certainly don’t want to still be doing this another 2 years from now) 😉

      That’s a lot of pressure ya’ know. Have fun for both of us? Hopefully you like to drink a lot and go on mediocre dates as that’s sorta ‘my thing’!

      • lafinwitu65 Says:

        No pressure at all. I love drinking, I brew my own beer and will name the next batch after you. Grey Goose blonde Ale. Delightfully effervescent, fruity notes, with a slightly bitter finish, and of course comes in a long neck bottle. :0)

  3. everevie Says:

    I care! I care! Go out on Monday…or tomorrow…or Thursday. Or whatever. 🙂 Just go!! And I also vote for 6 months…because if anything…it ensures (at worst) another 12 months of your blog. Lol.

    You know me…always a selfish angle. 😉

    • Yeah, uhm, OkStupid guy had a bit of a hissy fit when he realized that I live ALL the way on the other side of town ……. big dummy. He should be thrilled to shag his happy ass over here to buy my copious amounts of alcohol! 🙂 I actually did offer to meet him half way …….. and don’t worry my friend, I fear this blog will be in existence for a looooong time to come

  4. Lisa Says:

    even though I’m feeling a bit like a loser since I didn’t get so many responses so quick when I tried internet dating, I still want to find out what happens. And you’re a better woman than me, cause I could never stick with it for more than a couple of weeks before getting disgusted, grossed out, or disappointed.

    • Oh believe me Lisa, I get grossed out, disgusted and discouraged all the time, but I’ll never find ‘my one’ unless I keep looking, right? And no need to feel like a loser, you should have seen some of the guys that winked and messaged me …….. uhm, ick. 😦

  5. I am waaaay behind on your blog so it may all be moot by now, but shouldn’t you hide your profile for now? I was told that new people get extra marketing and you’re unable to respond to potentially worthy guys (which annoys guys like that), not to mention hit the “No Thanks!” on the other ones so they can move on.

    Note: *Never* respond to guys who Wink. They’re too lazy or dumb to ever be of any use to someone like you.

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